Reunion 2008-style

Hey Dee.

We didn’t make Gulf Shores in November. Our friends where out of town, and the song festival has really gotten out of hand. It now runs for three weeks and the events are held All over Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. We are going down in two weeks to look for a couple of houses.

I am going to move the date to second week of Sept. 8th-14. Need to know if this date is good for everyone, and how many of you bums will show up. Will mean the difference between a house trailer or a house. Picture follows of a couple of places we might get.

Larry & Brigitte.

Have a look at this.


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  1. hog Says:

    Sept 8-14.
    The sooner I can alert the Commonwealth, the better.
    Go Peckers (I guess),

  2. dmills Says:

    Pat and I don’t know for sure yet. While September would be a good date for us, we’re not sure of our availability, period. But we’re going to work like h… to make the reunion happen for us in 2008.



    Works for me although I never ever thought I would be attending a celebration with friends back in Alabama. Probably would not even consider going there at all except for the fact that my two younger sisters still live in Huntsville and it seems like me visiting them there is easier than them coming to California.

    Guess I would go early and see them prior to BALTA.


  4. Anne and Doug Says:

    Should be ok…

  5. heidi Says:

    Hey y’all! We’ll be there! Looking forward to experiencing the unique Alabama cuisine. Is it true that Crisco is the state vegetable?? How about a field trip to the NASA facitlity in Huntsville and a surprise visit to BJ’s sisters? A BALTA reunion is t he ONLY way to get us to Alabama!!

  6. John Smoler Says:

    Dates look good to me…..I found $200 r/t flights to Pensacola, FL on with Delta as the carrier.
    Possum stew on Thursday?
    Shrimp and grits for breakfast?

  7. Anne and Doug Says:

    There is also the USS Alabama, a WWII battleship, and other military hardware on display in Mobile Bay:

  8. Shea Says:

    Bama! Hot damn! Look like pretty spiffy digs for us ol’ Baltans, though. Timing is tight as I’ll be out of town the week before, but I’ll work something out. 95% certain.

    BTW, Happy New Year, y’all…


  9. Mike & Sherri Says:

    With regrets, we are a “probably not” this year. The corporate warlords have placed the Mrs. on permanent layoff. Will most likely be sticking close to home for a while.

  10. BananaBoy Says:

    The Red Neck Rivera is good with us – we’ll be heading for the West Coast afterward for a quick 8 week trip. Huntsville is as far away from the Gulf Coast as you can get and still be in Alabama but we’ll stop on our way down for you guys and save you the trip.

    Alabama Coast is very nice – close to Pensacola, Mobile, Biloxi (for gambling). The beaches are nice…fishing is good, etc, etc….


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