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Hi Dee & Pat,

Hope your Mom is doing well, Dee. I think we missed the latest update on the blog, for various reasons. It has been a crazy few weeks.

Right before Christmas, we discovered that the macular hole Bill had surgery for when we first moved here had re-opened. He struggled with whether to go thru that all again, but finally decided that it needed to be done if he was to not lose sight in that eye. So last week he had the surgery, and is now recovering “face down” again. Not much fun, but his attitude is good. It is not terminal, after all, and a few weeks of this will pass —

He is using the time to catch up on books on tape, the history channel, and college basketball! Bryan rigged up a flat screen TV on the floor below his chair (like a massage chair), so he can watch TV or DVD’s to pass the time.

You are welcome to post this news if you would like. Our greetings to all of you out there in blogland!

Bill & Dottie


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    Nothing but lots of good thoughts for you Bill and you too Dottie. Sorry this had to happen but glad for you that there is a cure.

    Heal fast and live long and prosper.

  2. hog Says:

    Balteze should link in here just in case yunz (like me) had no freakin’ CLUE what these guys were talking about.

    Looks like there’s just about enough space to slip in an iPod. Finally! A good reason to watch movies on a 2.5″ screen!

    Hang in there, Bill!


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