Our one and only Sipper, appearing to be in an upbeat moment in the midst of an U.P. winter…..taken today (1-25-08).                  


6 Responses to “Sipper”

  1. brian pfeiffer Says:

    good to see that smilin’ face! Now to get that young puppy to BALTA so we can share firsthand with the personality that goes with the smile.

  2. hog Says:


    what bj sed (this time).

    personally, I won’t believe it’s you TODAY unless you’re shown holding up today’s “USA Today”!


  3. Bear Says:

    Looks just like an adjuster in the middle of fire season. Hope the work load keeps you frazzled till spring!


  4. Pier(iamnotasnake) Says:

    OK, Sipper, you look great!

    Up yours!!!!! you said more than most if I remember

    Hey Balta friends. I am thinking of a road trip.

    Who would like to see me?

    No, I can’t pay you!

    I would hope you would feed me, have plenty of beer in the fridge,

    If you want me to leave, you can just give me some gas money and
    I will be gone!

  5. Raven Says:

    Looks like Jack Nickolson in “The Shining!”


  6. Mad Dog Says:

    It’s dark down here and I can’t see, so it’s time for another snooze.

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