Bad Aibling

Bad Aibling came up twice today as topics from you.  

First mention was from Doug Gitt with photos from a 2007 German trip by Ed Sharpe.  I kind of got lost in the 110 Bad Aibling photos this afternoon when I viewed them as a slideshow.  It was marvelous, dahlink! Enjoy the Flickr presentation.

Then Bill Shea sent an article from a trade magazine and had this to say about it:   “I opened the latest issue of one of the trade rags to find the words, ‘Bad Aibling’ jumping off the page. My oh my, how times have changed! Could the dome design have been inspired by the antenna farm or the Wildbore golfball in ops? Dunno, but it seems fitting somehow. The ‘birthday suits only in the sauna’ would have been fun 40 years ago, but for me, those days are long gone!

Howdy to all!

Shea  (it’s a pdf file so you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to read it.)



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  1. Doug Says:

    Yeah, I got lost in the BA slideshow too! The entrance to the old NCO club popped the old memory! This guy, Ed Sharpe, did a great job. Don’t overlook the Maxlrain slideshow!

  2. Jay Parks Says:

    I was in BA when it was called Bad Aibling Kaserne, from June, 1965 through September, 1968. I met my first wife (from Rosenheim) at the NCO club when they had German -American night. I learned German and spent a lot of time on the economy when I wasn’t “chasing ditties” in the main operations building or in a comm van in a farmer’s field (a project called Southgate). I recall the snack bar was a popular place. I was first in C company (next door), then, later, went across the street to B company (much better with a two-man room). I recall (free memory flow here) that whenever there was a EUSAREUR alert, a bunch of us hid in the attic and played poker, rather than drive a truck down the autobahn. There was a Hawk missle battery located on base, behind the dispensary. When the Army decided that it took longer to launch a missile than it was for an enemy plane to reach BA, they dismantled the battery and sent those grunts back to the states. Does anyone remember The Last Chance? This was a Gasthaus near the main entrance of the base. There was also the beer garden on Fassangartenstrasse, the German couple, who owned the Esso station in Bad Aibling (she was cute), and Maria and Theresa’s across the street. When I was at BA, of course, there were no satellite dishes, only Rhombic antennas, which covered the field. When I arrived, I was one of the first four-year guys. New three-year guys were alled Newks, but new four-year guys were called ‘screwks” (short for screwed newks). Does anyone remember the Papagai (Parrot) in Rosenheim…a popular local dance locale. Or Happingersee, or Chiemsee? I made a lot of friends in BA and, unfortunately, my wallet was stolen in the Hofbrau house before I returned to the states, so I lost contact with a lot of people. I was in BA for 39 months and got a European out in Sept./68. Although I was “FTA all the way”, my years there were fun and memorable. Was anyone there when the Pink Panther was our mascot? On the autobahn sign to BA, someone always wrote under it, “Home of the Pink Panther.” One time, before a guy left BA to return to the states, he painted the CO’s jeep pink. Others painted paw prints on the barracks floor (hard to get that up on concrete floors). We had a lifer NCO that everyone hated…we called him the “Easter Pig.” I recall that all new guys got tazzed (initiated) at Hochstrassesee, particularly if you were a ditty bopper in C company, trick 4. If anyone remebers me…email me. I’m in contact with Tom House and one or two other guys at this time. Oh yeah, if you were an 058 (later called 05H2O, do you recall the “Cannon Report”? Very funny. Ciao. Jay

    • Harold Schiffer Says:


      A Hardy Brenner responded stating that his mother worked at the Mess Hall till 1964. I knew his mother and father, Maria and Leo Brenner. I was a US Cook from Hq. Co. 320th USASA Bn. 1962-1964:

      Could you put me intouch with hardy Brenner?


      PFC Schiffer

  3. Hardy Brenner Says:

    Hello, I´m from BA. While looking for informations about the former US camp in Mietraching, I came across this site. I was born in 1964 and for me it is very amazing to learn about that period of time! And I did not not know that BA was “the home of the Pink Panther”. That´s funny. My mother used to work at the mess hall back in the early 60s until 1964. BTW, the “Papagei” club in Rosenheim doesn´t exist anymore. I´ve been there in the 80s. A funny place… Cheers, Hardy

    • Harold Schiffer Says:


      My name is Harold Schiffer. I was a US cook at Bad Aibling Kaserne, 320th USASA Bn.

      There was a Frau Maria Brenner I recall at the Mess Hall if my memory serves me correct. I believe her husband was Leo. Or my memory is gone. If your mom and dad are alive, please mention me to them. I visited them on Aiblinger Strasse when I returned in 1968.

      You may reach me at
      PFC Schiffer

  4. Nathaniel "Niel" Fick Says:

    I was stationed at Bad Aibling Kaserne from July, 1969 through April, 1970.
    Loved the station, the duty, the opportunities to launch from the area. I would love to hear from others, and anyone with photographs from the period.



    I was stationed in BA from march 63 til august 65 loved it there . Was in headquarters company . Use to spend alot of time in the snack bar when I had money and the bowling alley .Don’t remember what trick I was on all I remember was walking to ops .worked in the distribution center in ops..on the second floor .got in trouble with the Major acouple of times for not having my ID around my neck .Wasn’t much of a beer drinker use to get sick on the German beer .loved the BA volksvests .Thank full I took pictures when I was there of the post and my many trips around europe .

  6. Harold Schiffer Says:


    We were there together: Juky 1962-February 1964:

    US Cook: PFC Schiffer

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