Mug shots from Bad Aibling days

Gary Hendrickson scanned in a bunch of headshots of some of us. They are a real treat to look at. Thanks, Gary.

Go see for yourself!



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10 Responses to “Mug shots from Bad Aibling days”

  1. hog Says:


    The younger waitress’ name was Maria, I believe. Bright as a small bag of Bavarian stones, but she usually kept her smile on and our glasses full in a “tough room” as I recall.


  2. Mad Dog Says:

    Very nice photos. Mil gracias! Maria sounds right. Hogs and elephants remember well. I’m not sure that she was Bavarian though. I recall that she was from Yugoslavia. It would have been around summer of 1970 when she was working at the Chance. She kept our glasses full when we sat in the back part of Gasthaus Kriechbaumer after the front part had burned. I turned a quarter of a century on 27 April 1970 and there was a surprise party for me organized by Shea, Thompson and others. I was given my own Bavarian bier mug. I kept it at the Chance and was served the golden Maxlax in it whenever I came into the Gasthaus. A few months later my bier mug burned in the Chance fire and I never got a replacement. Those bastards!!!!! No doubt it was the guys who burned the Reichstag in 1933 or whenever. Yes, it was 1970, Maria – at the Chance. A few months after the fire, the front part of Chance was rebuilt, but it never had the old feeling again.

    One day, when we were sitting there in the back part, crazy Al Gland was doodling and had just finished drawing a horrible, mad-looking character. Maria came by, saw the dreadful drawing, and said to Al, “Bist du das?” We had a laugh. A few days later brother Al went AWOL to Sweden.
    And, Maria was waiting on us the day that Jay Luchsanger converted to being a vegetarian, immediately after seeing Herr Kriechbaumer slaughter a calf in back of the Chance. It was during the same time.

  3. hog Says:

    So maybe she was as bright as a bag of YUGOSLAVIAN rocks! Whatever!

  4. Mad Dog Says:

    Oh also, come to think of it, Maria’s husband is Sicilian! Whatever!

  5. BananaBoy Says:

    I recognize everyone except the Billy Jack look alike – I don’t know about you but Billy Jack was one of my heroes in the early 70s.

    JM…..AKA BananaBoy

  6. BananaBoy Says:

    By the wayBilly Jack… that an asafetida bag around your neck?


  7. Sipper Says:

    I have most of those photos as well. I believe they
    are from the Don “I am not a snake” Pier “Nickel Fuckin
    Dime” Photo Studio. I had thirty more pounds on me
    back in those days. Pure Max-Lax weight. Anyway,
    thanks Gary, great to see the way we were.


  8. Mad Dog Says:

    Re: What Sipper says: I believe it’s correct that most of those great photos were taken by Master Don. Bob says what Cool Hand says that he is ‘not a snake’. Too bad. There has never been a person or god as good as a snake! Mr Pier snapped those photos in BA around 1970. There are others. I have some prints about size 14 x 20. Yes indeed, quite large. There is also a set of black/white photos taken on May 3, 1970 of the BALTA Art & Cultural Fair at Schloss Maxlrain. This set includes a subset of photos, taken the same day, of the large procession of 40 or 50 BALTA ankh-worshippers led by Hog to the Sacred Tree of Beyharting. Some of those caught in the act are Flim Flam, Pier, Hog, Maddog, McCort, Art Fanning, Shea, Thompson, Raven, Frank Parsons, LeFevre, Sipper, White, Rocky Keyes, Cranny, Armstrong, and Gleason. The date, May 3, 1970, corresponds to the first Earth Day Celebration. Does anyone know who took that set of photos?

  9. Tony kay Says:

    My God. I am as the brits say gobsmacked. I just got hooked up with BALTA, and then found these pictures. I knew a lot of these people. Random recollections.

    Bob Hamlin: quiet, a nice guy

    Gary & Gayle (RIP): Gary reluctantly let me help him set up the route for the 1969 Bad Aibling Alpine Road Rally. I still have the dashboard plaque. I recollect that his silver Porche turned out to be “hot”

    Maria: Always a smile, very efficient

    Mike Rodgers: Captain Hog Punch at New Years

    Jerry Thompson: Told me riding a bike would cure my ACL injury

    Lonny: From Minnesota, we played together on the hockey “team” he was the best skater we had I recall

    Steve Trask and Don Pier recall them as being at the Chance often

    Mike Gleason: He was at Long Binh during Tet, Introduced me to the “dark side” He won’t remember but it shall remain cryptic.

    Jim Blevins. From Hawaii. Think he was a minihuni at Devens as I recall. I know he starred with John Wayne in the Green Berets for about 2 seconds.


  10. Mike Gleason Says:

    My God, I was there! My Doc said it was a false memory implant. What a relief. Mike Gleason

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