Tony May (BA ’69-’71) posted The Chant on an ASA discussion group with the question, “Anybody remember this and who used it?”

Doug also sent me the site for the above referenced discussion group, which features some 1958-era photos of BA.  Check it out.  You will need Adobe to open the pdf.  The link is below.    dee



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  1. BananaBoy Says:

    That, of course, was a verse from one of Homer Carl Baer’s wonderful songs inspired by our daily routine circa 68-69. Is it the Ballad of BA? Another line from the song was “dance Fran fast as you can while Larry the table adorns” There was another about (Morrison Addison) Morey Bull but I can’t remember that one. Maybe Carl will jump in and share the complete song with us – how about a .wav file, Carl.

    Hope all is well with everyone.


    • FOOL Says:

      In my mind, my Boy, that is where I found the words. Never forgot. How could I? They are some of the most important lyrics of all time!

      By the way. Baltans, has anyone though to call Maury the Bull?
      Remember how whenever the phone rang in TA Maury would yell,
      “I got it!” and then not answere the damned thing. Pissed of Coombs more than once.

      An announcement of sorts–more Lost Baltans and some other “older” BA folks’ information will be coming your way in the next couple of days. Bill Gunn, Cornel Lee, Greg Oester, Willy Wilkowski are some names you will recognize of the Balta generation.

      One other thing–Sgt. Schollenberger passed away in 2007. Some of you will remember him as being a fairly nice guy, although he was my recruiter in Philly!! When he got to BA, I started to curse him out, because as some of you know, recruiters said to some people that the ASA was not in Vietnam because of the Geneva Convention. Right!! That was perhaps the only time in my life that I could not respond to something that I didn’t agree with. He said to me, “I got you once, I’ll get you again. What could I say to that? One other thing about Earl. It turns out that he was at one time, a Circus Clown! Who would have known?

      And no, Hog, I will not pull a Don Pier for the Reunion!


  2. FOOL Says:


    I was told by someone, possibly Maddog, that Maury Bull is the one who authored the song.

    In any event–and I don’t know why someone hasn’t jumped in before me–or am I just up too early from not going to sleep for two days–the son goes:

    Alikazip, Alakazam, Son-of-aBitch, Goddamn. Horse’s ass, cow’s titty, we are the boys from BA City. And we don’t give a damn, for horseshoes, singin’ the blues, ’cause we are what we am. Deutschland, my Deutschland, a fest a gayin, a Maxlrainen, and the Oompah of the band.
    Yeaaah Weasleshit!


    • John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:


      You are, of course, correct sir – the song verse was borrowed from the Maury (Morrison Addison ) Bull cheer – I had forgotten that it went further than – “we’re the boys from BA city”

      Where in the world did you find the complete cheer?


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