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Hi Dee-

After all the delay and VA red tape, my total knee replacement surgery has been scheduled for May 22. It could have been about a month earlier but my niece is going to be married in the Naval Academy Chapel in early May and I wouldn’t have been recovered enough to make the wedding.

I have always regretted not accepting my appointments to West Point or The Naval Academy so I don’t want to miss her wedding so I can at least see the Chapel. Her husband to be is apparently a bit of a dolt since, upon graduating, he requested that he be commissioned as a Marine Officer rather than Navy. His secondary MOS is as a Communications Officer and it may even be as a Communications Intelligence Officer………Of course I won’t be able to share any “war stories” from the “Big War” because, as you all know, I have always taken my vow of silence about our highly classified work quite seriously..

Back to my knee amputation……..For years I’ve told Elizabeth (my first wife) that if I ever lost one of my legs, I was going to get a wooden peg leg, place a patch over one of my eyes, put a stuffed parrot (less maintenance) on my shoulder and move to Key West to work the sunset crowd at Mallory Square. So if anything goes wrong with the surgery and I loose my lower leg, I’ll be OK because of my early planning. (unlike the retirement planning deal)..

I should be fit for the reunion (that I have only heard about second or third hand) – I understand it’s going to be on the Red Neck Rivera of Alabama sometime in September – dates and exact locations would be appreciated..

Love to all-

J.M. (AKA BannaBoy) Hannan
(Johnny Mike)
(Mikey {likes it})


(Mike….if you’re reading the blog, click on the category for 2008 Reunion.)
Also…to everybody….Mike added a comment to the Alakazip post….vital information.  Get it here!

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