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Hello Dee, I’m sure you will be caught by surprise by this reply. The ditty referred to was not to the best of my knowledge incorporated into a song but was a chant that our post softball team used before each game we played. It went “ala ka zip, ala ka zam, son of a bitch, god damn, horses ass, cows titty, we’re the boys from B.A. city… yeaaaaa weasel shit!

I am very late in sending the attached photos when Fran and I visited Carl and Terry while vacationing a couple of summers ago. Of note was that on that visit Carl referred to the song with the line about Frannie dancing as fast as she can etc. The other two characters in the one photo are my sister (Karen) and brother-in-law (Alan Drafs) who we often travel with. (Blogger note: see next post for the photos. dee)

Fran and I are doing quite well, we now have two grandchildren, ages soon to be twelve and seven (girls) both of whom we, of course, dote over. They live here in Bellingham so we see them often. You might remember that I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1999 and had surgery that year. I unfortunately had a reoccurrence last spring (2007) and underwent some 37 radiation treatments. I have come out of both feeling fine with no real side effects and continue to watch and wait as to whether or not I have finally licked this. Fran can still dance as fast as ever although she takes longer to recover.

I read the blog but must admit that some of the Mad Dog ramblings are beyond my capacity.
The Balta reunions always occur in the fall or late summer and unfortunately that is a busy time for me as I am very involved in state high school football and evaluate at the college level as well which means even though I am now retired (34+ years with the Bellingham Fire Dept.) mid August through November are my tough to get away times.
Thanks for the information, we do follow the exploits of our Baltanians through this blog.

Larry and Fran LaBree

P.S.  (Follow-up post from Larry.  Photos from the LaBrees are in the next blog post, since this one is long.  dee)

I think you posted a picture of Fran and I with Don Pier when he passed through here last summer. We have also been able to meet with Danny Fridena and his two sons around the time of Peggy Lingenfelter’s funeral. Danny was working on some music for a Christmas album and has promised to send me a copy when he is done. He is more serious now but has the same smile and infectious way about him. We of course attended the funeral and I felt bad that we only lived some fifty miles apart and yet had managed to drop the contact. Until Peggy’s death I wasn’t aware she had been ill. Her family were wonderful and we talked briefly but it was not a great time to catch up.

Maybe you can tell me how Bill Dunn is doing post his second go around with his troubles. I should have contacted them but I’m afraid I just get busy in my little world and sometimes forget those we really do care about but see very little of (unfortunately).

The offer always stands that if you ever get out again into God’s country we have rooms available and would love to see you. Seattle is 90 miles south and Vancouver B.C. is fifty to the north so there is always things to see and do. Of course the San Juan Islands are here as well!

You do an amazing job keeping the lifeline to Bad Aibling alive and we do appreciate your efforts. Thanks for the quick response, I do read the blog and try to stay somewhat caught up with your world.

Love and Affections,

Larry and Fran


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  1. BJBJBJBJ Says:

    Soooo good to see you both as you are now and to read from you and about you. By myself and with the BALTA group I have often wondered over the years how you are and what you are doing. As with all others from the group in B.A. I/we miss you.

    You both look great and should present yourselves to us and spend some time with us at BALTA. We are not quite complete without you. Would love to see you!

    Lots and lots of hugs, BJ

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