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Hannan’s White Sands Follow-up

April 27, 2008

An amazing memory, John – the only thing I’d change is that I was traveling in a Honda 600 Sedan not the Pacer when we did the Great White Sands hum job.That was in 1973 and the Pacer came along in 1978 when we traveled to Pollock Pines via San Diego, Monterey and Sacramento.

Lucky we were in the Honda that early morning in ’73 – the gas tank held only 7 gallons and I think I asked them for a couple of $ worth – that filled up the tank. and I didn’t have to fill up again until Albuquerque on my way to Denver/Boulder to see Cranny and Maus then down to Phoenix to see Fridena and Woody Diekman.

Then on to Santa Barbara to see Hog and Pier for a few days with plans to head to Sacramento to see the Kellers.

My plans were changed when I learned from a phone call to Elizabeth that my best (college) buddy’s 18 year old brother’s body had been found – the victim of a mass murder in Galveston, Texas.

I headed home to be a pall bearer. That was my last big road trip as a single man – when I got home I asked Elizabeth to marry me and the rest is (happy) history.

The next time I saw John was to appear, as a surprise, at his and Caroline’s wedding. Thanks for the memories John! Life is good.

John Michael


Hannan’s White Sands Hum Job

April 27, 2008

This came through to the group on email and was so good, I had to post it!

From MadDog:

 Once in July in the early 1970s, when I was at home over Jordan Street in Las Cruces, Hannan came calling on me at that location. He drove up in a little Pacer, not the Ganghoffer Thing. We stayed up all night drinking wine.

About a half-hour before dawn on that Sunday, Hannan decided to drive out to the dunes at White Sands National Monument for to take some pictures of the sunrise over the white gypsum sands. I went along to assist.

About ten miles outside of town on Highway 70, Mike asked if I thought there’d be a gas station open in the tiny town of Organ, which was near the pass a few miles ahead. I told him that I didn’t know, but that there might be one gas station in that town. We passed through town but saw no gas stations open.

“John, are there going to be any gas stations open before we get to the dunes? I’m almost out of gas,” stated Hannan urgently. I told him that there were no gas stations.

“Are you sure, John?” “Yes, I’m almost positive.” (more…)

A Balta database…

April 26, 2008

Forwarded from the Dunns:Subject: ASA BA
Dear Fellow Bad Aiblinger,

I have gathered information on 2,830 of our fellow Bad Aiblingers!

This is the most complete and current list of former BA cold warriors anywhere!

If you were stationed there and would like to be included, please send me your mailing address and telephone number please?

These will help greatly in compiling and assembling the written, graphic, CD and video tape information I am receiving.

It will also help bring us all together and we may discover friends we have not seen or heard from in years!

With kindest regards,
Carl, “Big Z”, MOS 345, Sp5, BA ’59-’63
“Never Forget”

Carl Zelich, AA4MI
1720 Old River Trl.
Chuluota FL 32766-8603
Home: 407-977-5978
Cell: 407-687-8083

Tony Kay

April 3, 2008

Ms. Dee Mills,Tony Kay here. That is with a “K”

I was the guy who posted the quiz about the Alakazip chant in the Bad Aibling newletter edited by Carl Zelich.

I served as a traffic analyst and French linguist from August 69 to March of 71. John Smoller, another one of your readers has turned me on to your sight. I shall be a frequent visitor. Larry of “Fran and Larry” got the answer correct.

I also posted a quiz about the ‘Chance’. The correct answer is that it was the Kriechbaumer gausthause immediately across the street from the post entrance. That is where we hung out during the time I was there and that it what we called it. It was the first chance to get a beer when you left post and the last chance to have one before you returned.

Best regards,

Tony Kay