Tony Kay

Ms. Dee Mills,Tony Kay here. That is with a “K”

I was the guy who posted the quiz about the Alakazip chant in the Bad Aibling newletter edited by Carl Zelich.

I served as a traffic analyst and French linguist from August 69 to March of 71. John Smoller, another one of your readers has turned me on to your sight. I shall be a frequent visitor. Larry of “Fran and Larry” got the answer correct.

I also posted a quiz about the ‘Chance’. The correct answer is that it was the Kriechbaumer gausthause immediately across the street from the post entrance. That is where we hung out during the time I was there and that it what we called it. It was the first chance to get a beer when you left post and the last chance to have one before you returned.

Best regards,

Tony Kay


2 Responses to “Tony Kay”

  1. FOOL Says:

    I am not going to say what I was going to say. Just take that for what it is and do not beg the issue you ……. new guy.

    You made up a quiz about the Last Chance. How cute.

    I have been asking you for your e-mail so that you could be included in the group since October. Then you send little quips to me about who I am. The question my friend, is who are you?

  2. Mad Dog Says:

    This was tall Tony, not the Toni at Maxlrain. I think that he might have taken over in the room I maintained in the B Barracks after either Steve Cosby or I moved out. Tony Kay signed up at the BALTA Bicycle Rallye as a participant. Chatter chatter chatter chatter makes the world stand still. What’s the matter chatter chatter? Bug bug bug in the rug. Bug bug bug in the tomato.

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