A Balta database…

Forwarded from the Dunns:Subject: ASA BA
Dear Fellow Bad Aiblinger,

I have gathered information on 2,830 of our fellow Bad Aiblingers!

This is the most complete and current list of former BA cold warriors anywhere!

If you were stationed there and would like to be included, please send me your mailing address and telephone number please?

These will help greatly in compiling and assembling the written, graphic, CD and video tape information I am receiving.

It will also help bring us all together and we may discover friends we have not seen or heard from in years!

With kindest regards,
Carl, “Big Z”, MOS 345, Sp5, BA ’59-’63
“Never Forget”

Carl Zelich, AA4MI
1720 Old River Trl.
Chuluota FL 32766-8603
Home: 407-977-5978
Cell: 407-687-8083
e-mail: aa4mi@arrl.net


3 Responses to “A Balta database…”

  1. hog Says:

    Oh GOODY!

    My name and info on another database!
    No. Thank, You.

    “Hiding Out In Small-Town, PA”

  2. BananaBoy Says:

    Not to worry, Carl – I’ll send Hog’s info to you. I know there are hundreds of his old friends longing to see his cherubic face and hear his serene voice once again. I have his home street address, home phone #, cell phone # and email address.


  3. Smokey Aumand Says:

    Wildbore Detachment / ASA / NSA.
    Great to have the opportunity to possibly find some of the old
    warriors (Down hill drinkers) we were called at the time 71-75.
    My actual duty was 72-74. Dowg Bowen, a contractor gave the
    ‘BA’ station the nickname and had a patch made up showing a
    person skiing down the alps, holding a beer stein in his hands.

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