The blog has been silent for too long.  I’ve missed all of you. 

For the good of the order, here’s an update containing Heidi’s new email address. i wrote to see if it applied to Dan as well, but I haven’t heard yet.  heidi.cotler@gmail.com

Pat did hear from Dan in the past two days, and he used the comcast address.  They sound like they are busy but having fun.  Dan mentioned that Aaron’s band, the SF Irish Pipe & Drum Band won first place at the Scottish Games in Woodland, CA…..first time an Irish band won 1st at a Scottish event.  You go, Aaron McCotler!

Pat and I are keeping busy.  With me, it’s mostly work and worrying about getting my Mom moved out here; with Pat, it’s staying ahead of the challenges of a working hotel kitchen. 

We don’t have any vacation plans this year, other than the reunion in the Fall….saving time to help with Mom’s move, etc.  What about all of you….want to tell us about what’s coming up for you?

Hog is talking about coming out for a long weekend this summer.  One of the plans is to go to the newly renovated Gettysburg National Park while he’s here.

Who all is planning on going to the reunion?  I know Heidi and Dan are going, and that Hog won’t be able to go…Pat and I are going, even if we don’t have any vacation time.  Who else?

Also, is anybody else contemplating retirement next year?  We are, and frankly, instead of embracing it, I’m a little scared of not working anymore!  Anybody have some advice, assurances?  However, not working does also have its charms! 

Take care. 




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  1. hog Says:

    On my way to work. Had my arbitration hearing on Wednesday (5/14) They told their version, I told mine, their lawyer called me a liar (more about that when we’re together and mildly shitfaced). Results/ruling within thirty daze. Stay tuned. Barak ‘N Roll, hog

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