Hannan’s surgery

Mike originally wrote this to MadDog on Wednesday, May 21…

Hi John-

I have about 19 hours until someone I don’t know will cut my leg in half and put it back together with an artificial joint that is designed to do the job of the original. I am not properly prepared to die so that’s out of the question so I guess I’ll send out a sit-rep on Sunday to solicit as much sympathy as I can – the pain will no doubt be almost more than I can bear but I will claim bravery. After about 4 or 5 weeks of holding up heroically, I’ll claim that I beat the devil pain.

Oh, by the way ….Elizabeth and I quit smoking 6 months and 2 days (and 6 hours..but who’s counting) ago. We are proud of that – it’s the 5th or 6th time we have tried and by far the longest period of success. I’ll feel comfortable that we are non smokers next year at this time….maybe.

I called Kerry yesterday and talked with him for about an hour. He said that our calls have changed his attitude about living and says he is looking forward to speaking with everyone he ever met from the age of 6 until now. See…. we have once again spread the joy of life to another. I hope that’s true.

Hope all is well-



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