To fellow Baltans

You may think that nothing is occurring in your life that’s worth recording on the blog, but you’d be wrong. 

We need to stay in touch with each other and what better way than writing about what you’re doing….playing with the grandkids as Sipper wrote; waiting for surgery like Hannan; whatever it is, tell us about it.



One Response to “To fellow Baltans”

  1. Fool Says:

    Taking Dee’s advice all you shits who care nothing about old times that ARE worth remembering–and maybe going back to. There are several ASA groups on Facebook and one in particular is a BA group, although I think that it’s founder may have commercial purposes–not sure though. in any event, they had a reunion in BA last year. their first and I believe they are doing it again in 2011. I am checking into the costs with them and will let you know of what comes out.

    When not sleeping, which is probably what keeps us all sane–not listening to Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck (sorry Sammy), I am trying to set up a non-profit to deal with the lack of services to Mentally and/or Physically Challenged children, as a result of my experiences with my daughter. I’ve also been looking into alternative energy with the prospect of linking that to the non-profit rather than trying to fund it with jewelry sales to upscale womens (womens is a MD term). Fuck them! It’s better to reduce pollution and Mideastern sheiks profits (and American companies too).

    So–what the hell are you doing??

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