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MadDog wrote to Sipper which is the first part of this post, and Sipper’s answer is on the jump:

From: John Freyermuth
To: Robert Hamlin
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2008 12:32 AM
Subject: RE: Surfacing fm the distant past: Kerry Vandegrift, The FOOL. & RE: June28, 1900 – June 28, 1914

Do you remember a rubber chicken that was also a part of the display? A couple of years ago I ran across Lyle E. Boyd’s obit. It was a freaky thing to come across. He was a professional clown too.

I’m confused. Gleason or Al Gland might have smoked the plastic bananas, but not the Fool. Fool sold his bike to Pee Wee Herman. Kerry told me that he’d heard that Mike Rodgers set fire to the Chance. I’m thinking that that could be true. He also said that he’d been talking with you somewhat recently, which I doubt, unless recently is expanded to 30 years ago. He also said that Gleason stole his tennis racket.

Gleason was going to make a movie called Difficult Cyclist, i.e. Easy Rider II. I was supposed to play Lieutenant Ohio and ride Kerry’s bike into the canal in downtown BA. But the bike already belonged to Pee Wee Herman, who made the movie instead. Then Gleason ran off with Jerry Thompson’s mother, who wanted to be a movie star.Mike Hannan talked to the Fool today. He says that he convinced him that life is good.

Is it snowing there? It was 100 here yesterday, but today we had a cool-down to 97 with 60 mph dust storm. Carolyn is in Chicago now. She says its like winter there.

How are the Kinder? Do they still make ear muffs? I haven’t seen any since the 1950s when I lived in PA.


To MadDog from Sipper:

 Well I just remember Fool shaking his head in wonder as to how the First Pig thought he was going to dry out and smoke plastic bananas. Yes, I remember the rubber chicken being part of Fool’s display. Of course that was past yesterday so I don’t remember that far back very well sometimes. I may have talked to the Fool sometime in the mid 1970’s. Nothing recently.

Today JM gets his bionic knee. Do you suppose it will have implanted listening devices. You never know what they do when you are in surgery.

The grand kinder are doing well. Saturday I babysat the boys, Riley, 6 and Casey, 3. I don’t just babysit; I get right into playing. It’s usually car racing, star wars, ninja warriors, soccer, baseball, etc, All things requiring me running. All things purposely designed for me to lose. I am the designated bad guy. I asked when I do I get to be the good guy. “You don’t”. “We make up the rules and we like to win.” The rules are fluid. As in soccer. If Riley misses a goal, the goal is made wider so his shot counts.

I do take my revenge in the summer when we have our squirt gun fights. I bought the dreaded ORCA Power Blaster. They fear my weapon until I run out of water then I’m dead meat. This year I’ve threatened them with the dreaded Power Blaster. It’s the biggest baddest squirt gun on the earth. I think you can hunt small game with it. Riley is worried. He says, “If you hurt me, I’ll tell!” The ultimate kid threat.

Anyway, after coming home exhausted from babysitting Saturday I get a call from Jessica at 3:00 a.m. to come back to babysitting duty because she was on her way to the hospital to bring Landry Joy into the world. Being a stubborn little female Landry didn’t show up until almost noon. But I guess she’s a keeper. I’m supposed to say how cute she is but, as you well know, all babies look like Winston Churchill with a sunburn for the first couple weeks.

Yes, it is still colder than crap here in the mid country. There has been a cold north wind blowing for several weeks keeping the temps in the mid to high 50’s. It would be worse in Chicago since it’s more humid there. Couple more days of this and I’m gonna flip out. We had such a long horrible winter people are really over due for warm weather. If it wasn’t for Darren, Jess and the kids, I would be outta here. That’s about all the keeps me here.

Anyway, I think after the up coming election we are all going to die so what’s the difference. Floods,  famine, war, tornadoes, fires. Yup, end times are coming.

As for making ear muffs, we don’t bother with them. We just tie two raccoons to our heads (it’s important to be sure their asses are facing away from your ears) and they keep your whole head warm.

Time to sign off. The voices may start soon.



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