Note from Hannan

Hi Dee-

I got a note from John the other day – a short note with an attached image file. The image file is a SPECTACULAR profile portrait of our friend John done by his daughter Meg. Meg is (or was?) an art student at NMSU and musician and is John and Carolyn’s younger daughter. I think the portrait is nothing short of spectacular and I wanted to pass it on to you and all our BALTA Friends.

Gleason contacted John last week and later called me – we spoke for about an hour. First sighting in 39 years.

The knee progresses slowly because of worsening sciatica but I shall prevail.

John Michael



2 Responses to “Note from Hannan”

  1. Meg Freyermuth Says:

    yay, dad!

  2. Meg Freyermuth Says:

    And, so everyone knows, I am still a painting student at NMSU. I’ll graduate in May (if I’m good to dad and keep painting, that is…). 🙂

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