Pier’s travel plans

Amy and Chapin...Don in the middle.                                                             

 Hello all,

I am heading out July 1 for a road trip. I rented out my place for the month of July.

So, who wants me to visit?

I know all of you do.

The gas prices are making me travel in the NW, into British Columbia…

I had thought of driving down the coast to SF, and all, but the more I calculate gas, the more I know I will probably need to stick around here.

If I fly to Phoenix see my parents, I may rent a car and visit New Mexico. Would be fun.

I would really like to attend the reunion. Money is always an issue. Social Security in December!!! GEEZ
Are we that old?

I will try to figure out a way. Maybe be the mystery guest!
I am not a snake!




3 Responses to “Pier’s travel plans”

  1. BananaBoy Says:

    Donnie Baby………You know you are always welcome here so if you hit the petrol jackpot come see us. Elizabeth says hello.


  2. Mad Dog Says:

    Cool pics of Cool Hand and family. New Mexico is a dry state in a dry state. It’s very dry and Don, you’re welcome to stay in the OTHER room. It’s a spare. Free paper clips with rubber band powered aircraft available.

  3. Mike Gleason Says:

    Stop by and pick me up! We’ll get MadDog and go to Vegas and Area 51.

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