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Music review from Doug

July 30, 2008

Buddy Guy – Skin DeepSeventy-two years old! “Skin Deep” is his latest. Of course it is butt-kicking electric blues! Eric Clapton goes head-to-head on one cut. Susan Tedeschi sings a fabulous duet on another. Derek Trucks is on a couple. But it is all about Buddy Guy backed up by a good blues band. If this sounds like your king of music, then this is a “must”.


Checking in with Larry

July 30, 2008

I wrote Larry for an update:


Fran continues to have good health and puts up with me and my baggage seemingly without complaint. I had my first hormone injection on July 10 and am now some 19 days into this process. The injections are time released, and I go back for my second treatment on October 2nd. The good news is that I have had no real side effects as of this writing. The negative side is I don’t know how effective the treatment is until I go back for my next injection when they will again assess the situation. If I hadn’t shared, my bone and internal CT scans came back negative. This was expected but helps to establish a baseline.

Fran and I are traveling to Edmonton, Alberta with my sister and brother-in-law the middle of August; also visiting friends in Columbia Falls, Montana on our return. When we arrive back home I expect Don Pier to appear (no pun intended) to visit. He, of course, expects room and board.

Be sure and say hello to everyone at the reunion; we would love to be in attendance. And thank you, Dee, for all you do. I also think about you often and want you to know how much I appreciate hearing from you. Friends are nice to have, especially when feeling low. I continue to feel grateful for my good health; after all, I feel no ill effects after nine plus years of various treatments which makes me luckier than most!

Love Larry (and Fran)

News from Bad Aibling alumnus, Nick Dostie

July 21, 2008

Well, here we go. December 1967, I arrive at BA with Art Ehrenberg (classmates at Ft Devens). We arrive in the middle of the night, tired and confused.

Before being assigned operations work, our first job was to help the old German groundskeeper “Pops” to hang Xmas lights. Needless to say, we didn’t care much about the chore, and we kept frustrating “Pops” by dragging the lights in the snow.

A couple days later, I was on my first European outing. No language skills, little money, but nerve enough to get to Rosenhiem and get a round trip train ticket to Innsbruck. That was the first of 3 1/2 years of great travels.

Some of you may remember my first wife, Kathy. Most of time I lived off post, back to barracks for a few months mid-tour, and also last few months at BA. We had 3 different apartments at BA. Last was certainly the best. Top floor of modern home in AU, with balcony and picture window views of Wendelstien.


More from Nick Dostie

July 20, 2008

Thank you very much for the reply, and posting to BALTA page.

I have been in shock for the last 24 hours, after experiencing a nearly 40 year time warp. I have so many memories, and will gradually make contacts, as I can.

I am totaly computer illiterate, I may need some help in making some replies. I vaguely remember Don Beeching, I was on Mid nites most of my tour there, did not know a lot of day folks well, but certainly knew the “Firehouse” gang.

I have so much in my mind right now to sort thru. Thanks for news, Please post to blog, I will make contact with several persons, I am sure.


Nick Dostie

July 19, 2008

He emailed me.  His message follows:

I don’t know who you are, but while killing time I googled my name Nick Dostie, and what should come up but a reference to B section poker at Bad Aibling with Gary Hendrikson and PJ McCormick. WOW, what a suprise.

Since I do next to nothing with the computer, and don’t know what are or howto, do anything with blogs, let me know how to access Balta news, and keep in touch with people.

By the way, I still remember the BA cheer – ……Yeah, Weasel sh..!!!!!

Hope to hear from you or someone who remembers those glory days. I was at BA from Dec 67 to May 71, what a ride.

Regards to all,

Nick Dostie

Mike and Elizabeth Dancing

July 17, 2008

Mike sent you this JibJab Sendables(R) eCard:

Middle of Nowhere

July 15, 2008

Fellow Baltans,


A few weeks ago, Susan and I took a short vacation to NM where we met with Mr and Mrs Dog and all the pups for a couple of wonderful days.  We rustled up a small posse to try and track down that durned rascal Gleason in Silver City.  We never hooked up with the varmint but en route, we stumbled on that mythical ‘Middle of Nowhere’.
All in all a great trip and set a new record for the number of rental cars in 24 hours (3) and the last night at a motel in Albuquerque we had a surprise visit from a call girl at the door (apparently the wrong room).  Friendly town.
Details around a platter of crawdads at the reunion…
Happy trails!

An idea for BALTA2009 site?

July 15, 2008


P.S. The North Korea Tourist Bureau (YES! There is one) can be found here

P.P.S. including a stirring rendition of the National Dirge/Anthem


From Shea

July 14, 2008

Fellow Baltans,

I’m sick and tired of just bitching and am doing something about it now! The movement seems to be gaining traction fast. I NEED YOUR VOTES! See…Bill

New reunion banner

July 14, 2008

   This is a new banner for a reunion!

Maybe I can get a few friends one night late and “borrow” it.