Facebook is a social networking site.  I set up my account last year because I thought it would help me at work, finding local people for stories.  But I ended up really enjoying it.  Why? 

It’s probably different for each person.   You friend people that you know on Facebook (send out invitations to add them to your friends’ list) and then it’s easy to communicate among your group of friends.  Every time you log in, you have an opportunity to fill in a short sentence on your current status.  And that’s posted on all of your friends accounts.  So, it’s a nice way of peeking at how your friends are doing frequently.

Plus…I play some of the games when I get bored at work.  It’s also easy to upload photos.  A long time high school buddy sent me some photos from 8th grade yesterday, and I uploaded them and created an album so that my two school chums who are on Facebook can easily view the photos…and comment, if they wish.

So far, from Balta, there are 8 of us onboard.  Me, Pat, Brian, Doug, Larry, Hog, DottieD, Aaron (Sparky).  We’re trying to get the Cotlers to sign up too….limited success yet. 

When I get time soon, I’m going to create a Balta group on Facebook.   There are bunches and bunches of groups already.  It’s just a place to go and discuss things, etc.  We have the blog, but it’s not as easy to upload photos, cutline them, etc. as this is.  So, I’ll probably upload some Balta albums for Facebook.  Never fear….they give me an outside link, so if I do that, I can send it to the Balta email group, so you can all view the photos, Facebook account or not.

I know many of you received Facebook invites from me recently, and I thought the blog was a good place to explain what the heck Facebook is.  There’s much more to it than I’ve explained, but it’s fun to discover that for yourself


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