Hi Larry and Fran (and BALTA Friends)

I spent some time on the phone last week with Larry. His atitude and outlook are great – his belief in the “power of positive thinking” is strong and he has a great deal to live and fight for – children, grandchildren and Francine and friends in his current life and those of us from another time. We all struggle with the concept of our mortality and wish it was easy to speak about and deal with, but it is not.

I know it’s coming……we all do…… but we’re just not ready to face the simple fact that we are no longer invincible/immortal. I guess we have always known it intellectually but our hearts won’t allow for the fact that it will really happen………to us!!! I thought the progression would be that someone (Pier maybe) would start a pool in which we would pick dates for the demise of each of us……….or maybe everyone chip in for some prize to go to the last one of us standing.

It’s good that we usually go in bits and pieces so we can join the army of old folks who compare prescriptions, ailments, replacements, “ectomies” and then forget with whom we shared the information. Sadly, some of these pieces and what caused their failure are more serious than others. The causes of some of the set backs are actually not finished doing their evil when they destroy just a part of us…….they keep on working…..looking for more pieces to destroy.

I had a piece of me removed (voluntarily) and replaced with a mechanical device made of plastic and cobalt steel. I was terrified that I wouldn’t wake up because I hadn’t done everything I wanted to. I’d be leaving Elizabeth in a not so stable financial condition because I was so arrogant as to think that I could amass a fortune doing my hobby/job but, though I did very well for some years, some years were very much less productive.

But I did wake up and I realized that in not too many years I WILL meet my maker just as we all will. It is no longer just a concept to be dismissed as something too far off in the future to worry about (prepare for) but a fact that we each must face. It would seem that there is never a good time to die but the Plains Indians rode off to battle yelling Hoka Hey………it’s a good day to die ………….though they didn’t really want to die.

So as we ride off into battle with our failing bodies (and minds) we should yell Hoka Hey and hope we have lived our lives well so that those we leave behind are sad that we are gone but happy that we were here for whatever time was allotted us.

There….I said it!

Love to all-



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  1. dmills Says:


    Well said!


  2. dmills Says:

    Hello to Balta,

    I think Hannan’s idea of a fund for the last one standing
    is a great one.

    I want all of you to send as much as you can.


    I will hold on to it, and keep it safe.

    I am not a snake.


  3. dmills Says:

    To put it more succinctly, Michael, … None of us get out of this alive!!!

    Count your blessings and enjoy what you have left.


  4. Dee Mills Says:

    This comment is really from me, Dee. I just added the first 3 received in email from others.

    Mortality. I come down somewhere between Larry and Mike in my thinking. Both men are coming up against it with difficult health issues. That usually does it; did for me.

    I found that it wasn’t my own death that bothered me so much, as it was worrying about the grief it would cause my family.

    I’m fully aware that it’s coming, but you know, it’s part of the life cycle and acceptable. I can say that because I’m older now. I wouldn’t feel this way were I in my 20s, 30s, 40s.

    However, living all alone into old age. Now there’s a possibility that sends icy fear through my heart. But I’m working on it.

    How about resurrecting our old idea of a Balta old folks home??!

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