for Heidi and other techno-phobes

It’s pretty simple to post on this blog because I’m the only one who can!  Just write it up in email, send to me and ask me to post it. 

The other way that your voice can be heard on the blog is to comment on someone else’s post.  There’s a link to comments at the bottom of each post.  Also, the comments section on the side shows the beginning 5 or so words of the last 5 comments and your name, so others are alerted that you’ve written and can click on that to read the entire comment.

I think Heidi hit it on the head, though…it takes a little time to orient yourself on-line.  I do most of my computing in the early morning hours; I think best then. 

So, allow yourself a little time, and you’ll be fine. 



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  1. Mike Hines Says:

    As usual, I’m coming in on the tail of the storm (late call for the BALTA reunion). Regardless, just wanted to check in and note my continued existence on this planet. Alive/well/retired from State service now working for the VA and having a blast.

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