Latest on the ’08 reunion from Larry

Hey Y,All.Sorry for not keeping you updated on the reunion.

Beginning of May thru June, Brigitte and I had been spending our time at the the nursing home with my mom. Two weeks after her 90th birthday she passed away. I now have tied up all the loose ends in regards to her will.

The reunion is still on at the Red Neck Riviera. I have checked on the closest places to fly into for this great endeavor.

If you choose Mobile, get on the Interstate 10 exit at marker #44(Hwy 59), and head straight for Perdido Beach Blvd. (Hwy 182).

If you chose Pensacola, take Interstate 110 to 292. This will take you to Perdido Beach Blvd. This is the closest airport to the reunion.

If you chose New Orleans, take Interstate 10 to Hwy. 59, and head straight for Perdido Beach Blvd. Should take around two half hours.

The house address is 23822 Perdido Beach Blvd. It’s the only large gray house on the beach that you can see from the road.

This is the list that I have:

Pat & Dee —–PD                        Mole  (maybe)
Dan & Heidi—-PD
ED—————–PD Hopefully Kathy can make. Besides Ed heading for Louisiana
Mike(hopefully Elizabeth) Looks like Mike’s figure skating days are over per our conversation.

Both boys would like to see a lot of you guys; God knows why. Talked to Herr Winkler, but I don’t believe he will make it. Wants to sit home smoking and drinking. Sounds like something that we will be doing for a week. Maybe he will make it. Would love to see him.

If I have missed anyone sorry. See everyone in a couple of months. For those who haven’t paid, here is our address:

Larry & Brigitte McCown
907 Holiday Ave.
Hazelwood MO. 63042 Phone #314-895-1198

Dates are still the same Sept.08-14. If you can make it, come for the week.

Larry & Brigitte

Jan. 1st. my last day of work. Then six weeks vacation, and back to get my watch that will turn my arm green.


5 Responses to “Latest on the ’08 reunion from Larry”

  1. dmills Says:

    I emailed Lar about the final cost but haven’t heard back yet. I’ll post when I know.

  2. Doug Says:

    Not-so-good news; Anne is going to have surgery (not cancer) in mid-August with a six week recovery. I had hoped it would be scheduled sooner so I could attend, but… Please change my reunion status from “yes” to a “don’t count on me”. If Anne does recover faster, maybe I can catch a last minute flight deal. I’ll sleep on the beach and buy my own food!

  3. Hoben Says:

    Sipper, looking forward to seeing you.

  4. John Smoler Says:

    Bill Shea said that he’s made plane reservations, flying into Pensacola. Add him to the list.

  5. Larry Dean Says:

    Well I’ll be damned!

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