Stay tuned re: Balta 38

Just heard again from Larry.  There’s been no decision made yet, but there is a possibility that he and Geetz may exchange houses for a smaller one due to a reduced number of us attending this year.

So, if you haven’t made up your mind yet, now would be a fine time to do so and to let Larry know.  It’s very difficult to arrange accomodations for these reunions when the attendees get squirrely about a definite yes or no. 

Come on, guys….it’s not brain surgery.  Either you are coming or you’re not; it’s the middle of July.

Of course, there are legitimate reasons why you might not know for sure, but take a direction now…yes or no. 

Doug knows how to do it.  He opted out, but if he can come at the last minute, he’s said he’ll sleep on the beach!  I commend him for making a definite decision, so that the organizers can more accurately plan on housing and thus, the cost to all of us.

That having been said….surely we can find floor space somewhere in the house, should you come after all, Doug?  Hope to see you, if Anne can spare you by then.   And best luck to her also.

Take care, all. 



One Response to “Stay tuned re: Balta 38”

  1. Doug Says:

    Thanks, Dee. Trust me, back in my rock-climbing days, I slept in places a LOT worse than beaches/floors!!!

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