Middle of Nowhere

Fellow Baltans,


A few weeks ago, Susan and I took a short vacation to NM where we met with Mr and Mrs Dog and all the pups for a couple of wonderful days.  We rustled up a small posse to try and track down that durned rascal Gleason in Silver City.  We never hooked up with the varmint but en route, we stumbled on that mythical ‘Middle of Nowhere’.
All in all a great trip and set a new record for the number of rental cars in 24 hours (3) and the last night at a motel in Albuquerque we had a surprise visit from a call girl at the door (apparently the wrong room).  Friendly town.
Details around a platter of crawdads at the reunion…
Happy trails!

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  1. Mad Dog Says:

    In order to avoid future quarrels in the Middle of Nowhere, the two agents, pictured here shaking hands, have just signed an agreement giving Pier and Gleason the right to halve a Polish sausage. Cheers! Peace may break out! However, the meaning may remain obscure.

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