An idea for BALTA2009 site?


P.S. The North Korea Tourist Bureau (YES! There is one) can be found here

P.P.S. including a stirring rendition of the National Dirge/Anthem


2 Responses to “An idea for BALTA2009 site?”

  1. Tequila Boy Says:

    Whiskey? Perhaps they should be introduced to Tequila. Who knows, maybe they could grow agave in their defunct nuclear facility…

  2. Mad Dog Says:

    Good choice, good site. North Korea – likely to be the world’s most luxurious location a year hence. Here, in what will become the former USA, there will be tens of millions dead from chaotic strife, civil wars, street battles, plagues, diseases, starvation, and suicides. Bloated dead bodies will fill-in mill runs. Every military officer above the rank of warrant officer will start his own ‘the true country’. These will have few followers. None will survive longer than a month. Gangs of cannibals armed with AK-47s and Chauchats will roam the land in or upon various devices of conveyance: buggies, sledges, gliders, rowboats, bicycles, wheeled staffs, canoes, and burros. Situations will be similar or worse in other lands. Some stability likely to exist in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, and Dafur. But North Korea will be likely a Sunday walk in the park with a tequila picnic. Good choice, good site. North Korea. Make plans now or never. Oiua oiua oiua oiua oiuau oseen sheen chu cheee. BALTA rules!

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