Nick Dostie

He emailed me.  His message follows:

I don’t know who you are, but while killing time I googled my name Nick Dostie, and what should come up but a reference to B section poker at Bad Aibling with Gary Hendrikson and PJ McCormick. WOW, what a suprise.

Since I do next to nothing with the computer, and don’t know what are or howto, do anything with blogs, let me know how to access Balta news, and keep in touch with people.

By the way, I still remember the BA cheer – ……Yeah, Weasel sh..!!!!!

Hope to hear from you or someone who remembers those glory days. I was at BA from Dec 67 to May 71, what a ride.

Regards to all,

Nick Dostie


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  1. Mad Dog Says:

    At the fantastic 1993 reunion in Moultonborough NH, hosted by Bob & Gabi Wallace, Cpt Hog played a tape that featured some beautiful late night music of the B Company Barracks Trio circa 1969 or 1970. It featured Vinnie P. Mucha on lead vocals, “Juan Freiermutheeze” on Spanish guitar, and Nick Dostie doing do-wop harmonies. The recording was made in the same room where there had once been burning tamales that did cause Hannan to beat a hasty retreat therefrom. Nick sounded great on the tape. “A Ooohh wa wa.” I will be in touch. Be forewarned!

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