Checking in with Larry

I wrote Larry for an update:


Fran continues to have good health and puts up with me and my baggage seemingly without complaint. I had my first hormone injection on July 10 and am now some 19 days into this process. The injections are time released, and I go back for my second treatment on October 2nd. The good news is that I have had no real side effects as of this writing. The negative side is I don’t know how effective the treatment is until I go back for my next injection when they will again assess the situation. If I hadn’t shared, my bone and internal CT scans came back negative. This was expected but helps to establish a baseline.

Fran and I are traveling to Edmonton, Alberta with my sister and brother-in-law the middle of August; also visiting friends in Columbia Falls, Montana on our return. When we arrive back home I expect Don Pier to appear (no pun intended) to visit. He, of course, expects room and board.

Be sure and say hello to everyone at the reunion; we would love to be in attendance. And thank you, Dee, for all you do. I also think about you often and want you to know how much I appreciate hearing from you. Friends are nice to have, especially when feeling low. I continue to feel grateful for my good health; after all, I feel no ill effects after nine plus years of various treatments which makes me luckier than most!

Love Larry (and Fran)


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