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A couple of emails from Larry

August 31, 2008

From 8/29/08:
Dee. I just got off the phone with our friends who live in Orange Beach. At the present time they are boarding up and may leave town. Won’t know until Monday were the storm will track. So I guess we will have to wait until next week to decide what action we will take. When did you plan to leave home? Larry

From 8/30/08:
Dee. Got a call from our friends. They are staying and looks like everything will be ok. Strong winds but no trouble. Your leaving on my birthday. Check out this weather site One word. This site should make you feel better. Gives you a closer look at the storms. Larry


Thoughts about Gustav and our reunion

August 28, 2008

It’s too early to tell if Gustav is going to affect our gathering, but there are a couple of things we can do in preparation:

1)  If our Gulf Shores area is too affected for us to gather there, perhaps we can meet somewhere else impromptu?  This is our only vacation this year, so we’re going on vacation…no matter what!  Being able to communicate amongst ourselves will be important.

2)  It would really help to know who’s coming, so we can alert you specifically.  Please take time to add a comment to this post, saying that you’re coming.  Or send an email to the group. 

3)  Go to Hog’s Balta Contacts, and write down cell phone numbers for those you know are attending, and bring them with you to the reunion.  Or enter them into your cell phone.  It’s always helpful to have each other’s numbers anyway at the reunion, but this might be our only way of communicating if things go bad.

4)  Keep checking your email and this blog closer to the reunion date.  We’ll get something out as soon as we know anything.

 Stay in touch and hopefully all will go forward as planned. 


Reunion Cost per Larry and Brigitte

August 22, 2008

Questions have been raised about the payment of money.

For those who put down the deposit of $100, dollars you would owe $200. Those who put down $200, being couples, you would owe $400. Only Ed has paid in full so nothing is required unless he would like to send me money.

For the lost souls who are coming and haven’t paid anything, you can pay the full amount now or at the house. Either way a certain person will get her money. I mention no names.

We are staying on Orange Beach and not Gulf Shores. It seems if you put in Gulf Shores you get a different location on Google Map. So I have been told.

Also my cell: #314-680-5734; Brigitte #314-680-5735. If you have any problems traveling, call one of us, and we will really confuse you.

Also I am putting an attachment with a picture of the house. Cannot think of anything else.

Oh, we do have a mystery guest coming Wednesday night. See you in a few weeks.

Larry & Brigitte

P.S. from Dee….Larry sent this site for a look at the house, which is called Viking!  Somehow, it looks the part.  Here’s the address …. note that it’s at Orange Beach.  Excellent job, Brigitte and Larry!!

Orange Beach
23822 Perdido Beach Blvd.
View Type: Gulf-front

9 bedroom 8 bathroom Sleeps 23

Balta cost post on hold

August 20, 2008

Sorry but stay tuned.  Larry asked me not to post the first version; he’s writing another one, and I should have it up later this evening.  If you had already read the first one, check back because there’s new info coming.


Lost Baltan Found!

August 20, 2008

After YEARS of periodically trying to find him, I just got off the phone with Al Gland.  Had a very nice (albeit short) conversation and he sounds good… 5 kids ranging from the upper 30s to 3 years old (now I know how he got the name ‘Gland’).  He’s been living in Wisconsin for several years.  I hope to be talking with him at length and catching up on the last 38 years.  I mentioned the reunions and gave him the balta web-site info.
Anyway, here’s his contact info:
Al Gland
1133 Aspen Drive
Spring Valley WI (Pierce County) 54767
t: 715 778-4530
If you remember him, get in touch!