Thoughts about Gustav and our reunion

It’s too early to tell if Gustav is going to affect our gathering, but there are a couple of things we can do in preparation:

1)  If our Gulf Shores area is too affected for us to gather there, perhaps we can meet somewhere else impromptu?  This is our only vacation this year, so we’re going on vacation…no matter what!  Being able to communicate amongst ourselves will be important.

2)  It would really help to know who’s coming, so we can alert you specifically.  Please take time to add a comment to this post, saying that you’re coming.  Or send an email to the group. 

3)  Go to Hog’s Balta Contacts, and write down cell phone numbers for those you know are attending, and bring them with you to the reunion.  Or enter them into your cell phone.  It’s always helpful to have each other’s numbers anyway at the reunion, but this might be our only way of communicating if things go bad.

4)  Keep checking your email and this blog closer to the reunion date.  We’ll get something out as soon as we know anything.

 Stay in touch and hopefully all will go forward as planned. 



6 Responses to “Thoughts about Gustav and our reunion”

  1. dmills Says:

    I’ll start it off by saying that Pat and I are coming. We’ll start out on Sunday and plan to get in on Monday, towards evening.

  2. ed Says:

    Kath and I are coming. We will leave here on Wednesday, Tuesday evening if we’re lucky. Will be there as soon as we can.

  3. John Smoler Says:

    I’ll be there. House or no house. Monday, 8 Sept. Unless the Hartsfield is closed and Pensacola.


    I fly on the 3rd to Pensacola, drive 4th to Huntsville to see my Sisters, then Monday, 8th, drive back to Pensacola and look for the nearest baaar with a pool table, floating or not.

    Guess I will be there, smoking and drinking with whoever drifts past. I bring extra water wings.

  5. Shea Says:

    Yup, I’ll be there! Flying into Pensacola on 9/9 and out 9/14. Got my Gore-Tex and inflatible dinghy packed and rearin’ to go.

    See y’all…


  6. dmills Says:

    What I’ve heard:

    Heidi and Dan are flying to St. Louis, and then driving with Larry and Brigitte to the reunion….plan to get in Sunday night.

    I think Sam said he was going. Also Hannan, Dan.

    Haven’t heard from the Stemples. I don’t think MadDog will be there. I know Hog can’t make it.

    Doug is a maybe but doubtful. Mole and Sipper are also maybes.

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