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Possibly about the 2009 reunion…

September 30, 2008


Negotiations have been mentioned, resulting in mutterings disguised as replies.

People open many things that they shouldn’t. Number one on the list is the mouth.

Those who walk aimlessly about and mutter with their heads bent downward are botanists.
More to follow.

The MadDogs


Happy Birthday to Doug’s twins

September 21, 2008

Happy 40th on 9/21 to my beautiful daughters! BALTANs by birth!


Doug Gitt with twin daughters, Bad Aibling, 1969.

Doug Gitt with twin daughters, Bad Aibling, 1969.

Dan’s pond

September 21, 2008
Fountain that Dan built in Cotler backyard.

Fountain that Dan built in Cotler backyard.



2009 reunion: date known, site unknown

September 21, 2008

Heidi and I are on this, and as soon as we get a decisive and final decision (!), I’ll blog it and email it.

Here’s the latest:  Because at the last Gaines reunion, MadDog and Carolyn tentatively ventured to volunteer for a reunion when Carolyn retired (next year), we upped them to the top of the prospective host list.  (WARNING: it’s both dangerous to voice these thoughts where there are witnesses AND not attend the reunion prior to the year haltingly mentioned!!!)

MadDog and Carolyn are desperately mulling over their past mistake and drinking much alcohol to drown out Heidi’s persistent calls.

It might be New Mexico next year, but wherever it is, we’ve had requests to hold it over the weekend of October 8-11.

More when I know it. 

P.S. For some unknown reason, despite many Sam kisses, hugs and pinches, I escaped the Flim Flam Flu.

Reunion aftermath from Larry

September 21, 2008

Left Alabama with the deadly virus, Flim Flam Flu. Both Heidi and Brigitte were very sick and actually on their death beds. It took a lot of alcohol to get Heidi well, and I am not talking about the rubbing type.We got a news flash that BJ also had come down with the flu and missed several days of work. If anyone else has this deadly disease and missed work, please contact Sam for lost wages and medical bills to be paid back.

Also I got a call from the owner of the house, and he is requesting everyone please return all the bible’s that were in the nightstands.

Beside these small problems, enjoyed everyone’s company, and we had a great time.

Larry & Brigitte

Heidi’s Fight Song

September 4, 2008

We don’t care if hannah and ike fornicate, we are on the road! packin’ the poncho. and priming the pump, Heidi

MadDog’s Alabama Song

September 4, 2008

Alabama Alabama. How fun it is to type Alabama. Alabama, oh Alabama, how sweetly the fingers do type thee Alabama. Alabama, oh how I’ll miss you Alabama. Oh, if only one were Alabama bound, one might get to be in Alabama. Oh Alabama. I’ll only just have to love to type you Alabama. Alabama.Carry on!

Latest from Larry

September 1, 2008

Hey Dee.Just got a call from our friends in Orange Beach. Weather is windy and wet.

Should stay that way for the next week.

Another storm, Ike, is starting to form. Looks like it is heading for that commie island.

So, wet is the word.