2009 reunion: date known, site unknown

Heidi and I are on this, and as soon as we get a decisive and final decision (!), I’ll blog it and email it.

Here’s the latest:  Because at the last Gaines reunion, MadDog and Carolyn tentatively ventured to volunteer for a reunion when Carolyn retired (next year), we upped them to the top of the prospective host list.  (WARNING: it’s both dangerous to voice these thoughts where there are witnesses AND not attend the reunion prior to the year haltingly mentioned!!!)

MadDog and Carolyn are desperately mulling over their past mistake and drinking much alcohol to drown out Heidi’s persistent calls.

It might be New Mexico next year, but wherever it is, we’ve had requests to hold it over the weekend of October 8-11.

More when I know it. 

P.S. For some unknown reason, despite many Sam kisses, hugs and pinches, I escaped the Flim Flam Flu.


5 Responses to “2009 reunion: date known, site unknown”

  1. hog4gawdsake Says:

    Thanks for the dates proposed. I’m hoping the Dogs understand how important those dates are to me.
    MadDog & Mz Carolyn: Oct 8-11, 2009 is one of my scheduled “long weekends” @PolkCenter. Thanks, hog

  2. John Sikora Says:

    Your all assholes!

  3. Gleason Says:

    Not far from us! We’ll be there. Remember the end is not near, the end is here.

  4. Dan Sherwin Says:

    Kerry just called me tonight and we recalled various memories. Going to try and make the NM reunion in Oct for a day or so on the 11th or 12th. I still have the picture of the “Last Chance” that I think Dottie Dunn made for all of us on a piece of wood for the ’72 Clear Lake, Ia reunion. Also, pictures and momento’s from BA. I still have a large stack of “Deco’s” which I at times will still try and catch in my right hand off the edge of my dining table. Mostly though they just fly across the room. Also, skiing on the glacier in Austria, being intoduced to “Nickolashka’s” which I still make for very special occasions. Missing the Army bus back to BA from Octoberfest in Munich and hitchiking back. Some great memories and I appreciate being contacted by Kerry. Thanks, Dan Sherwin

  5. The Fool Says:


    Dan’s e-mail address is: dan.sherwin@natplan.com and his phone # is:

    Maddog is supposed to-mail allof you with Dan’s and three other Lost Baltans, as follows:

    Boog Bower– docbower@gmail.com Phone is” 1-580-355-4655. Boog has been an animal doctor for 30 some years. He has treated several Pterodactyls for various injuries over the years and has even delivered several sets of quintuplets.

    Tom McKenna– tjmckjr@aol.com Phone is: 1-512-255-3772

    Last, but certainly not least is: Bill McCort, faithful follower at the Sacred Tree celebration!

    w.mccort@gmail.com Phone is” 1-850-893-9395

    Bill said that one time I showed up with one of my sideburns and one half of my mustache shaved off. I don’t remember that. I don’t remember ever having a moustache to shave off. I am a Fool


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