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November 25, 2008

Dear Friends-

I had my 2 week check-up today and learned that I was even luckier than I first thought. The blockage that I thought was 90% was actually 99% in the left circumflex artery. The lesser one was a bit less than I first thought. I thought 70% but it was between 60 and 70%. Doc said everything looked and sounded good and that I should expect no further problems …. at least no extra concerns than the normal ones for someone my age. I will have a (regular) treadmill stress test in late Feb and a nuclear stress test at 6 months.

I feel great – never have felt bad – had no symptoms – and back to normal routine. I have been doing my modified diet (if it’s white, it ain’t right) for more than a month now but have been unable to walk as much as I need to to loose weight – that should happen now that the back pain is gone and the walking is getting back to a mile to a mile and a half each day. Hell I might even do 2 miles or more if I can control the hip pain (arthritis) – I’m eliminating one of my prescriptions and will begin using Tylenol to make my walking less painful.

The Doc said I was VERY lucky – I missed a heart attack by ………. that much – I feel VERY lucky – this year’s Thanksgiving will have added meaning for me.

Love to all- Have a Happy Thanksgiving.



Two houses

November 11, 2008

Hey Dee!

So far, we have found two houses!

One is for Hog, and the other for Hannan.

Hog can have have the first pick, and Hannan gets the one that’s left. Unless, of course, Hog would like both houses.                                                                    org2

Be happy!
Mad Dog & Madam

Follow-up about Hannan

November 8, 2008

Well…go and have ekgs done, guys – he had two blockages – one 90 pct one 70 pct – stents in both.

Thanks for calls and emails. He’ll be home tomorrow with blood flowing.


About Hannan … please read

November 7, 2008

We just found out he has a heart and it might just require a stent – he’s set to have a catheter procedure tomorrow at UT Hospital in Knoxville. He didn’t have a heart attack – just some weirdness and an ekg showed a potential problem.

He has his cell phone with him 423 253 4070 but I don’t know how late he’ll be up tonite or how early they’ll transport him to Knoxville from Woods Memorial in Etowah tomorrow. Any prayers welcome.

Elizabeth Hannan