Two houses

Hey Dee!

So far, we have found two houses!

One is for Hog, and the other for Hannan.

Hog can have have the first pick, and Hannan gets the one that’s left. Unless, of course, Hog would like both houses.                                                                    org2

Be happy!
Mad Dog & Madam



6 Responses to “Two houses”

  1. hog4gawdsake Says:

    ‘long as I get the one with the PIGS!

  2. Doug Says:

    Uhh, I’ll bring my tent…

  3. John Smoler Says:

    Nice and airy.

  4. hog4gawdsake Says:

    on furthur review, I think I’ll take both hausez and RENT the shitty one to Hannan…

  5. wrehsiws Says:

    Ironies abound. I was reading about usasaba and noted a comment on Mike Blum(STP man) Had the pleasure of meeting his sister in 77 while visiting an old ASA buddy in NJ. Indeed, a small world to be sure. Karen was a doll!

  6. Fool Says:

    My dear wrehsiws,

    I am Kerry Vandegrift AKA “The Fool”. I am sort of the unofficial locator of Lost Baltans and would like you to respond to this post.

    Many Balta folk would like to locate Mr. Blum. I would like to know all that you know about Mr. Blum, whose first name, by the way is Chris. Also, anything you know about his sister and her possible location and anything else that you may remember. Chris is one person who many Baltans would like to resurrect. Also, who is the old ASA budddy that you visited?

    Please let us know. If you’d like, please contact me at: –Thanks

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