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Dear Friends-

I had my 2 week check-up today and learned that I was even luckier than I first thought. The blockage that I thought was 90% was actually 99% in the left circumflex artery. The lesser one was a bit less than I first thought. I thought 70% but it was between 60 and 70%. Doc said everything looked and sounded good and that I should expect no further problems …. at least no extra concerns than the normal ones for someone my age. I will have a (regular) treadmill stress test in late Feb and a nuclear stress test at 6 months.

I feel great – never have felt bad – had no symptoms – and back to normal routine. I have been doing my modified diet (if it’s white, it ain’t right) for more than a month now but have been unable to walk as much as I need to to loose weight – that should happen now that the back pain is gone and the walking is getting back to a mile to a mile and a half each day. Hell I might even do 2 miles or more if I can control the hip pain (arthritis) – I’m eliminating one of my prescriptions and will begin using Tylenol to make my walking less painful.

The Doc said I was VERY lucky – I missed a heart attack by ………. that much – I feel VERY lucky – this year’s Thanksgiving will have added meaning for me.

Love to all- Have a Happy Thanksgiving.



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