How about sending Dee old Balta photos?

Ok Dee….Here’s the deal.

I’m getting old and hard of (everything but you know what) and I need some help – Oh sure, I’d be surprised if there weren’t others among us in my boat but I’m the only one secure enough in his (her) dotage to admit it.

I can’t remember what these people that I haven’t heard from for about in 39 years look like – there I said it. So, to start a new page or add to the page of photos sent so thoughtfully sent by Gary Hendrickson, I am sending 2 era photos (and a magazine cover photo), and I want more from those folks uncovered by Kerry and Maddog’s recent searches.

I know Art Fanning but for the love of God, I can’t pull up an image. I know Gerry Crow but I can’t pull up an image from BA days. I know Doug Cantrell but ……………. etc.

I would know Woody Dieckman (or all those I’ve seen over the years) anywhere, but I’d like to see an old BA days photo (or 2 or 3)….I know all the BA Reunion folks from over the years and would know THEM anywhere, but the newcomers might not – send in old BA photos to Dee and she can make that page a BIG Fucking deal – easy to find, etc

A quick PS. (not so quick) I worked for the first time since my knee replacement and massive heart attack last year in my preferred field of endeavor.

I went to Maxton, NC over the weekend to the East Coast Timing Assoc Spring Meet. Land speed record racing from a standing start over 1 mile – kind of a little Bonneville on concrete.

When I’m not flogging my prints to little Mom and Pop Gallery/Frame Shops around the country (and that business is dead because of……….), I go to Antique Auto Shows, Vintage Auto Races, Land Speed Record Meets, etc. and do Event Posters for the participants who want to kick over 50 bucks for their beautiful Memory Posters.

Fun and sometimes profitable, and it beat going to the office for the past 40 years.

ANYWAY. The last thing I did as I was leaving at the close of the Meet was drive by the timing station. There was a fellow getting his time slips for his last 2 runs on his 1200 BMW Motorcycle.

He looked very pleased and I asked him how the run was – he beamed “174.657 MPH and that means I’ll probably set my goal by the next meet”…….still beaming. I asked what that goal was – “to go 175 before my 75th birthday 2 days after the Meet in June.

He said even though I have coffee and play a little bridge with my friends every week, they’re all dead – I may go down in flames (smiling) but, by God, I’m still doing it and they’re not.

I shook his hand and had to make a quick exit – a 65 year old photographer doesn’t cry in front of a 74+ year old motorcycle racer – so I got in the van and did.

I saw pure joy in that man’s eyes, I couldn’t let him see my tears of joy for him.

So, friends, let’s all get on our own personal motorcycles and go 175 before our next birthday. I am – trouble is that I can’t seem to quit crying when I see someone as happy as he was so when you do it……..don’t tell me while we’re around our other friends – it’s embarrassing.


Mike (AKA Banana Boy) Hannan


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  1. john r franklin Says:

    i remember the house in kitzbulh. i was really surprised to see these pictures. the one with all the beer cases sure brings back memories. i also remember the bottles were green and we called it skunk beer. had to drink it cold. i recognize some of the guys. the only name i remembers is maury addison bull, first picture man with cast on right hand.

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