Mike Hannan photos from BA

I thought it best to post the photos separate from Hannan’s recent post.




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  1. Mad Dog Says:

    I don’t recognize these at all. These pics are doctored beyond recognition. However, I believe the last one was murdered in WWI.

  2. Mike Hannan-AKA Banana Boy Says:

    To review and or enlighten, I will caption the photos now. Top photo was taken by John Sikora in the downstairs B Company hall back by the shower/bathroom. I made the GQ cover with this WONDERFUL memory (for me) photo and sadly you can’t read the teasers on the cover about the stories inside. I will put them here. I have inserted a photo from Pier, of himself in mid eastern head gear, on the bulleten board – it says above the photo – “have you seen this man”. Another obscure memory – I think there were 2 rooms beyond the bathroom – one was occupied by a guy who was a great banjo player and played it once with the Munich Symphony Orchestra – some American piece – Aaron Copeland, maybe? I don’t remember his name but his sister was married to (drum roll) Geoff Bowie Outlaw – a half balck and half American Indian (obscure) musician. This guy had a concert poster of Geoff Bowie Outlaw on his wall but, for the life of me, I can find NO reference to this Outlaw on the Net. That’s obscure!

    On the GQ Mag -the bottom is readable – at the top right it says Eastern European Edition for Ex-Patriots – 54 Kopek. Then down the left side these stories are teased.

    “American spies from super secret spy station in Bavaria tell all – Page 22.

    Summer Sex in Sevatatpol – Page 45

    Crazed American Military Fire Fighters from Bad Aibling spy station, burn down Eifel tower – Page 51

    Why we leave….a tell all by ex US Military Spy linguist kown by the code name, Pterodacty – Page 74.

    The second photo was taken by Gary Lingenfelter and sent to me recently when he dug out some old slides. He took it when he and I hitched to Riejka, Yugoslavia and took the Ferry south to all the islands and ended up in Dubrovnik. The photo is from the tiny fishing village of Bakar (in the north neat Riejka) famous for it’s scenic little harbor and hillside village but also for the beautiful drink on my knee – made right there in Bakar – it’s called Bakarska Vodica which I believe translates to Sweet water of Bakar. It was (is)a most wonderful sparkling red wine.

    Photo #3 is on my 25th birthday at the Lingenfelters House in BA. I had just purchased my first serious camera and set up a tripod in their living room and took my own picture – my first with the new camera.

  3. Mad Dog Says:

    Thank you, Your Boastfulness, for enlightening us!

  4. Gary Lingenfelter Says:

    Jeff Bowie Outlaw’s wife was Bob Strider’s sister. Bob and wife, Paula lived off-post. Can’t remember his MOS but I think he was at Monterey about the same time we were.

  5. Mad Dog Says:

    Om OM O-O-O-MMM – O y’all wondrous friends of His Most Boastful and Self-exalted Selfness, perhaps Kerry the Fool can find Bob Strider and clear up this mystery of who lived next to the bathroom, once and for all. That is to say, perhaps he can do this after he, THE FOOL, finds Osama!

  6. Bob Strider Says:

    Wow! Blast from the past, say what! Hat tip to the Google thingy! Geoffie Outlaw was indeed my brother-in-law. He was the bass player for the Fuggs, and along with my sister Tigger he played a key role in Alice’s Restaurant, the movie.

    Mike and Gary, if you see this, I remember you both well, and with great affection – I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been living in Prague for the last 20 years, translating from Czech, Russian, and French to English (my MOS was 04B 98G, or something like that – Russian linguist/voice intercept operator).

    I visited Bad Aibling about ten years ago with my (now dear departed) second wife, and was delighted to find the town shut down for a little fest. The Echelon staff was well represented there, and I enjoyed smoking hash and shooting the shit (some things never change, it would seem) with some of its stalwart guardians of the wonderful, rapacious, ‘murkan way of life/world domination. And oh my, those 1-liter steins of beer and heart-stopping sausages and hefty frauleins. Mmmm-mmmm! If you’re ever in Prague, please look me up, and we’ll pass a bit of splendid reminiscing…

  7. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    Wow, indeed! Nice to hear your “voice” Bob. Hard to believe that more than 40 years has passed. My wife and I visited BA in ’86 and I was amazed at how it had changed – Though I was well employed at the time it was a bit shocking to pay $2 for a half litre of Maxlrain $5 for a schnitzl but fun non the less.

    I correspond frequently with a friend who has lived for about 6 years in the village of Chrudim which is about 60 miles east of Prague. I had hoped to be in Eastern Europe this year but some health and business issues have put that on hold – maybe one day. Gary has been to Croatia and other parts of the old Yugoslavia a couple of times.

    Again – nice to hear from you.


  8. Bob Strider Says:

    Hi again, Mike! It’s so very nice to be in touch again. A couple of stray thoughts about BA, then and now. When considering the cost of a mug of suds and a schnitzel, it’s useful to remember that a dollar bought four DM back in the day, whereas a buck won’t even buy a euro in its entirety today. So that little blue VW we bought from Bob Boxhammer cost 6,000 DM, or 1,500 US dollars (with a goodly rebate for driving to Kitzbuehl and back in the first month, if I recall).
    And, yeah, it is hard to believe how much time has slid by, but my infant daughter, Marjie, is now 42, and has made me a proud grandfather twice. She had her first birthday at 25 Rosenheimerstrasse, temporary home to many of our fellow luminaries.
    We were such an interesting collection of people – I think doing away with the draft was a grave error, in many ways. I pitied then and still pity the treads who were supposed to keep us in line. I remember an inspection once when some miscreant had removed all the red lenses from the antenna patch board and penciled in FTA inside each one, then replaced the lenses. The inspector dude asked the trick chief if it was true than no one but the trick chiefs were authorized to touch the panel, and when he got an affirmative response he followed up with: “Well, then, what are all these FTAs doing in the lenses?” I actually laughed out loud at them the first (and only) time they brought up the idea of reupping.
    I finished out my time at Ft. Bragg as the postman for the 13th PSYOPS Battalion, which consisted of about 1,000 ASA guys who’d been kicked out of the game for smoking pot and were just marking time to separation. But that’s another story, for some other time.
    Happy trails, old friend!

  9. Bill Swisher Says:

    I remember when I first got to BA the DM seemed like funny money because it was almost 4:1. Unfortunately it continually was re valued for the remainder of my 3 yrs. In fact, I had scraped and saved enough money for a Triumph Bonneville at one point and just prior to ordering it the reeval cost me another 200.00. Everything was still a good deal considering what it was like when I returned to conus.

    I have loved seeing the pictures past and present as well. Bill

  10. Bob Strider Says:

    And hey, everybody, here’s a link I recently came across – it’s such a moving catharsis, I just have to share it:


    Ah, Ukraine…

  11. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    That is an amazing video, Bob – am I correct in believing that it depicts the destruction of the Village of Leskovice, Czechoslovakia? This girl is an amazing artist and presents this with such flair and drama. I was mezmerized. Thanks for sending it.


  12. Bob Strider Says:

    Oops! I’m glad you liked that video. It just blew me away. And to think, the lady had been doing sand drawing for only one year when that video was made! What a genius.

    As far as I understand, she’s telling the sad tale of what happened to Ukraine when it was caught in between qthe Nazis and the Soviets – they lost a sickening 25% of their population during that war! But in reality, it could be the woeful tale of civilians anywhere unfortunate enough to get caught up in a war. How many times must the cannon balls fly…

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