Post and photo from Gerry Crow


Attached is a picture (compliments of Gary Carson, who Nick Dostie put me in touch with) of my wife Joanne and me preparing to burn some meat in BA, sometime around May/June of 1969.

I must point out that I now look exactly like this picture, but with an additional 65 pounds and gray hair. (At least I am about the same height!)

Please post in an appropriate location in the rogues gallery of BALTANs of old.

Guys, I copied all of you so as to give Gary photo-credits and allow all to renew acquaintances at your own pace.

Vielen Dank!


PS Gary also sent me a picture including Terry Applemen, anybody remember him or know where he is?

gerry-joanne-crow-ba circa 1969


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  1. Doug Gitt Says:

    My aged, feeble mind thinks these folks look familiar…

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