Baltan contacted – Steve Cosby

Thanks to the Fool’s tenacious pursuit of Baltan MIAs, I got Steve Cosby’s phone number and gave him a call last night.

Some of you may recall that Steve was my first roomie at Frau Rohleder’s on Linden Strasse in BA. He ETS’d about a year before me and I never stayed in touch and neither did he.

He was from Indianapolis and I had thought of trying to contact him but assumed that he would be long gone … no one stays in Naptown if they can help it. I learned from Nick Dostie at last year’s Redneck Riviera Reunion that he is still alive and well on Planet Hoosier. Following is a brief recap of our conversation…

Steve is retired, happily married and has one daughter who is grown up. After BA, he returned home and went to law school for 2.? years before deciding that being a lawyer was not his calling in life and dropped out. Eventually, he started a business (something to do with auto detailing) and retired a couple of years ago.

We talked at length about BA and Balta, and I think his curiosity is sufficiently piqued to show up at a reunion one of these days. I mentioned this year’s NM gathering but he was non-committal… I suspect that he’s still a little stunned to hear about all the names from the past and needs a little time to let it all settle in.

I didn’t get into his terrible coke habit in BA, but I’m sure that’s history. For those of you who did not know about his addiction, he was up to a case of Coca Cola every two days, in addition to a constant supply of jumbo cokes from the ops snack bar. Unbelievable but true.

The real corker is that Mr Cosby does not have e-mail (imagine!) or a computer, so staying in contact ain’t gonna be easy. At least he has a phone. Maddog, you might want to mail him some info on the reunion.

I don’t know how many potential mystery guests are on the list, but you might want to add Steve. This should prove to be one interesting reunion!

Happy Springtime, all…



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  1. Mad Dog Says:

    Nick gave me Steve’s number and I called him earlier in the year, but got no response. Glad to hear that Bill got through. Cosby had a Lotus Europa. He drove me at 180 mph on the Autobahn to Augsburg so that I could get my European ETS on July 2, 1970. The drive was made in record time, but it was the longest period of my life. I would have kissed the ice on the South Pole, or the ass of a Russian piss ant, cause I was just so glad to have my discharge and to have made it back to BA alive. There was a party at the Chance that night and I don’t remember much until Flim Flam Sam Flippo and I went to Spain 6 weeks later. Also, Bill ‘Mysto’ Shea talked about Steve Cosby being his roomo at downtown Gasthaus Rohleder on Lindenstrasse. I do remember that. For a while I had an apartment next door to Bill’s. That was after Steve moved out and I’d already been a civilian for 4 or 5 months. Also, Steve had been my roommate in the B Company Barracks. We had the same room that I’d shared with Mike Hannan, Ken Cravens, and Dennis Daly on earlier occasions. Yes, Steve liked the Coca Cola beverage. I concur. He liked to play Simon & Garfunkel and Iron Butterfly loud. I was still in the Army and I moved into an apartment with Jerry Thompson in Bad Aibling in the spring of 1970. That meant I didn’t have to make my bunk and listen to ‘In a Gadda da Vida’ sixteen times a day. I think Tony Kay lived in that room after me or Steve. But there were other problems that resulted from the move to Thompson’s house. Other problems. And still more problems. But now, it’s over and done with.

  2. Doug Gitt Says:

    Dennie Daly! Another flashback!!!

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