Photos of Chance, BA

(John Freyermuth sent this)

Number 59 is a nice photo of the Chance.

Other pics include, the front entrance gate, Brit DF site, antenna field, a WWI soldier from Bad Aibling, and two photos submitted by Denny Byrne of the opening of the Luftwaffe Barracks at Bad Aibling. I think 1930 is a few years too early because the NSDAP didn’t gain official power until 1933.

Index 1 has some photos of a Brit base at Degerndorf in the 1950s and a cool color picture map of that area.

I never knew there had been a Brit base at Degerndorf.

That’s all.


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  1. Mad Dog Says:

    Kerry points out that number 59 is the antenna field. Number 61 is the nice picture of the Last Chance = Gasthaus Kriechbaumer as we may remember.
    PS. I don’t remember hearing of drinking in the antenna field, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it occurred. John Hatton was planning to build, out of styrofoam, a scale model of Stonehenge in the antenna field. John belonged to the Reformed Druid cult of BALTA.

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