Tom Forrest Catch-Up

My name is Tom Forrest, and I’m a Baltan.

Kerry contacted me too, and I appreciate his making the effort; I was wondering what had happened to you guys.  Hopefully I can get all the details this October in NM.

I was in Bad Aibling from 9/69 to 5/71, or close to it, seemingly arriving when many of the people here were gone or leaving. Cpt. Hog did a great job carrying on the BALTA tradition, mostly telling us the great stories of events before we got there. I was part of the Kitzbühel house the winter of 69-70, and maybe 70-71 – I do not remember much the months following the BALTA Pot Party. I think we asked Dan Hayden to turn out the lights when he left later in 1971.

There are a few pictures of Ron Davis, Bill Shea, Larry White and others at the following link: – 100135.

The ones of Ron were taken during a road trip we took to Athens in early 71, and the ones of Bill, George, Larry & Lynn were taken in May 71. George and I were out of service and headed for Morocco; Bill, Larry and Lynn were riding as far as Paris. The last one of me was on the BALTA sweatshirt Cpt. Hog made for me for one of the BALTA events.

Fun times.

Contact information below. Look forward to hearing from you. Tom

(Add Tom’s email to your Balta group addresses. dee)

Tom Forrest

1207B E. 2nd Street

Austin, TX 78702

512.441.3583 (Home)

512.560.2731 (Mobile)


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  1. Bill Shea Says:

    Tom Forrest…WOW! Great to hear from you. I have tried tracking you down but couldn’t remember your last name (Forrest is a real toughie isn’t it?). You were from Denton TX as I recall. Somewhere in my fading memory I seem to remember talking to you in the early 70s when we were both back in school but I might be wrong.

    In any case, it’s great to hear from you at last. Long story short, I ended up in Eastern PA where I’ve lived for nearly 30 years. Like you, I made contact with Balta a number of years ago and have been going to reunions ever since. They defy description so I won’t even try… but suffice to say that you would not be disappointed in the least. We have a lot more catching up than is possible in an e-mail, so give me a call sometime and get your plane ticket for this year’s venue in NM this October.

    Great to hear from you…

    …Sp4 Bill Shea (retired)

    h: 610 845-3604
    c: 215 704-0845
    o: 215 679-6150

  2. Tom Says:

    And me you. I just kept looking in Skokie. Who’d of thought you would have left Skokie?

    I am from Daingerfield, TX but finished my BA and MPA at UNT in Denton, so we may very well have talked when I was there. The last I remember talking BALTA with anyone was in 1973. I had just taken a job as city manager, had a wife and two step-sons (6 & 2 years old) when Mile Rogers sent a note or called about the ’73 Reunion. Trying to be prudent and grown-up, I didn’t make it. I should have been there.

    I plan to be in NM this fall, so I will spare the whole life story. We lived in Breckenridge CO for many years (and still consider it “home” in a lot of ways), and in Pensacola FL. Returned to Texas and Austin in 2002. Being born and raised in Texas I have mixed feelings about the place. Since I’m related to most of the ones in east Texas I’m kinda stuck with them, but Austin is one of the few places I could live here.

    Our sons are 42 and 38 now, one with two kids in College Station and the other with two kids here in Austin. Our daughter, 34, and her husband live in NYC – so we are there often.

    Details at the Reunion. It’s been a fun adventure and almost all good times. Tom

  3. Bill Shea Says:

    Well, Tom… It sounds like we have a lot of catching up to do at the reunion. It’s good to hear that life has been good to you and yours. Like most of us, my life took a rather circuitious route before ending up here in the sticks of PA. You say that you get to NYC with some frequency…. HMMM. We live exactly 2 hours west of NY (and an hour north of Philly) near Allentown. Let me know when you’re going to be in my neck of the woods and maybe we can get together before October.

    Stay in touch, pard…


  4. Dan Hayden Says:

    Tom, I’m still looking for that light switch.

    Hope to see you in NM !

    Dan Hayden

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