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Request from Tom Snead

May 31, 2009

Okay everyone,

Does anyone remember Capt Lazurus (CO HQ CO) or Lt. Crosby (had a Vette) and where they may be or what happened to them?

Tom Snead


Music, music, music

May 27, 2009

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood – Live from Madison Square Garden

Two cd’s worth of “old fart music”, as in songs of Jimi Hendrix, Derek and the Dominoes, Blind Faith, Robert Johnson, as well as Clapton and Winwood. Clapton’s playing is just plain good; of course EC does the best he can with the vocals, which isn’t shabby.  Winwood’s keyboards and vocal are top notch. A must buy for you older rock and rollers.

Steve Earl – Townes

Steve Earl’s homage to Townes Van Zandt. Wow! A cd of a master playing the music of a master.

Allen Toussaint – The Bright Mississippi

New Orleans jazz played so well; songs of Sidney Bechet, “Jelly Roll” Morton, Joe Oliver, Django Reinhardt, T. Monk and Duke Ellington with a couple of traditional songs as well. Just the thing for quiet hot summer nights!!

Doug (Gitt)

Unclaimed property

May 11, 2009


Some of you may already know about your State’s Unclaimed Property program. Whenever a bank, company or even an individual legally owes money or physical property to an individual or company, that entity must turn over the money or property to the State in which the person resided at the time when the transaction took place. There are many situations where this can happen.

An old insurance claim.

Wages owed by a previous employer, like when you worked for McDonald’s when you couldn’t find a job with all your advanced training as a 98C20!

You ordered something from a catalog and never received it and forgot about it, even though you had paid for it.

Recalculated stock dividends.


Everyone should check with your particular State’s Bureau of Unclaimed Property or some such misnomer. I checked mine and found that I was owed over $200 by one of the home shopping channels for something that I had forgotten about.


Update from John Hatton

May 11, 2009

I wanted to reintroduce myself to those who may have recalled that I once existed. That was a long, long ago in many minds. After leaving BA I do not recall having contact with any of the fine folks I once knew until Kerry called me last week. I was dumbfounded to say the least. How did anyone find me? Why would they want to!!

Of course I realize there were many John Hattons, as Kerry said, but finding the right one, that was a trick. I do not know exactly how Kerry sorted through them all but by magic he managed to find me hiding in Louisville, Kentucky.

I will not bore you with details, but I will share the short story of my life after Bad Aibling. I returned to Oxford, Ohio (Miami University) to continue the education I had began before joining the Army. It was late 1970 and I got really bored with the immature spoiled nineteen year olds that were there at the time.

To be honest I think most of you know that the folks we worked with in the ASA may have been a bit eccentric but they were the brightest and best we had. It took me some time to readjust to “normal” people. I didn’t stay in school long and left to pursue a life. (more…)

Email message re the Balta 2009 reunion and the Balta Manifesto

May 4, 2009

(Originally an email from John Freyermuth (MadDog):


This is John ‘Maddog’ Freyermuth. My wife, Carolyn (Madam Maddog) Gressitt, are hosting the reunion this October 6-12 in Ruidoso, NM.

Except for Kerry, I am sending this to only those who were recently contacted by Kerry.

Others, on a more complete (but never totally complete!) list are not being contacted now because they have already indicated whether or not they are coming to the reunion this fall, or they’ve already had ample time to respond and they haven’t because they rarely ever do.

There is information about details of the reunion on the BALTA Website

The page listing the details a few months back in time, thus a few pages back on the website. (Note from Dee: On the right side of this page look for a and then Select Category box.  Open it.  Click on 2009 Reunion, and you’ll be able to read all the posts concerning this year’s upcoming reunion. Beside each category is the number of posts about that particular category)

The deadline for your deposits has long passed. However, we may be able to fit a few more in. First come, first serve!

We’ve reserved those vacation rentals mentioned in the website, and time is running out for more available rentals in the area. Reunions typically run from 20 to 35 people. This years may be larger. The more the merrier! But please hurry.

Carolyn’s email is – it says so on the BALTA website. (Incidentally, attempts have been made to define BALTA. All of these attempts totally, utterly failed in a miserable kind of way! A copy of the BALTA Manifesto is sent here in order to further confuse and enlighten. (more…)