Email message re the Balta 2009 reunion and the Balta Manifesto

(Originally an email from John Freyermuth (MadDog):


This is John ‘Maddog’ Freyermuth. My wife, Carolyn (Madam Maddog) Gressitt, are hosting the reunion this October 6-12 in Ruidoso, NM.

Except for Kerry, I am sending this to only those who were recently contacted by Kerry.

Others, on a more complete (but never totally complete!) list are not being contacted now because they have already indicated whether or not they are coming to the reunion this fall, or they’ve already had ample time to respond and they haven’t because they rarely ever do.

There is information about details of the reunion on the BALTA Website

The page listing the details a few months back in time, thus a few pages back on the website. (Note from Dee: On the right side of this page look for a and then Select Category box.  Open it.  Click on 2009 Reunion, and you’ll be able to read all the posts concerning this year’s upcoming reunion. Beside each category is the number of posts about that particular category)

The deadline for your deposits has long passed. However, we may be able to fit a few more in. First come, first serve!

We’ve reserved those vacation rentals mentioned in the website, and time is running out for more available rentals in the area. Reunions typically run from 20 to 35 people. This years may be larger. The more the merrier! But please hurry.

Carolyn’s email is – it says so on the BALTA website. (Incidentally, attempts have been made to define BALTA. All of these attempts totally, utterly failed in a miserable kind of way! A copy of the BALTA Manifesto is sent here in order to further confuse and enlighten.

It has nothing to do with BALTA, which really hasn’t existed since the Manifesto of May 3, 1970, today. BALTA did exist from July 1969 until today, May 3, 1970.)

Some of you may want to make you own arrangements and drop by the reunion HQ house from other lodgings. If so, let us know your plans as soon as possible.

The reunion will run for a week and many people will be driving off on daily field trips to visit the sites in the area. Peak activity, as far as number of current registrants is concerned, will be Thursday through Saturday.

I am very glad that Kerry was able to contact you people. How does he find the time? He is obsessed I think. I don’t remember him working so hard while he was at BA.

Many of you I remember; some better than others. Some I do not remember well. Some of you do not remember me. That is OK, cause I don’t remember me either. It’s been a long time.

I’ve selfishly attached a couple of photos of myself at Bad Aibling. They help me remember sometimes.

I was there from April of 68 through Jan. of 71. Some of you I’ve seen in the USA! Mike Gleason in DC in 71 or 72. Bill McCort in Las Cruces in 73. Jean Ann at Pollock Pines in 78. Also Gary Krejsa there in 78. Hugh Kro(h)n sometime around 72 or so in Colorado. [My ears are still ringing from the Jimi Hendrix concert that Ken Gay and I went to in München in 1969.] I think I saw Woody Dieckman on TV.

Thanks and I want to hear from you all!



Members of BALTA… Non-members of BALTA,

This is the Manifesto of the Bad Aibling Lawn Tennis Association, with its many subsidiaries, which are too numerous to bother naming. Today, we wish that the subsidiaries of BALTA became more and more numerous. A monster with many small heads is better than a monster with one large head.

BALTA is definitely not anything. Recently there have been rumors about that BALTA is a leftist radical movement or possibly even a subversive organization. We are not interested in politics. BALTA is not a political organization; in fact, BALTA is not even an organization. THE BALTA LEADERS WANT TO MAKE THIS CLEAR! We are a random collection of motley and good people and a BALTA function is a cell of happiness. One of our famous members once said – “No one sleeps at a BALTA FUNCTION!”

But we are not active around the clock. Our activities are rare and they should remain rare if they are to be times of true celebration. Whether they are scholars, gurus, doctors or bums, artists or demons, establishment folks, outlaws, jocks or children, red dwarfs or professionals, all people need times of true celebration.

In no way does BALTA stand in opposition. BALTA does not wish to oppose you; it would rather include you. We want to embrace you. BALTA does want you. BALTA does not want you.

PEACE my brothers and sisters; friends and neighbors; children, cousins, mamas and papas; and pigeons and alligators.

Thank you,

Maddog, guerilla leader

* [First delivered at Schloßwirtschaft u. Gasthaus u. Schloßbrauerei Maxlrain, Bayern, Deutschland, on May 3, 1970.]



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