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Some of you may already know about your State’s Unclaimed Property program. Whenever a bank, company or even an individual legally owes money or physical property to an individual or company, that entity must turn over the money or property to the State in which the person resided at the time when the transaction took place. There are many situations where this can happen.

An old insurance claim.

Wages owed by a previous employer, like when you worked for McDonald’s when you couldn’t find a job with all your advanced training as a 98C20!

You ordered something from a catalog and never received it and forgot about it, even though you had paid for it.

Recalculated stock dividends.


Everyone should check with your particular State’s Bureau of Unclaimed Property or some such misnomer. I checked mine and found that I was owed over $200 by one of the home shopping channels for something that I had forgotten about.

I just had to type my name in a search box on Pa.’s website and voila’–my name turns up. It didn’t say the amount–just notes about being over or under $100–other States list the amount. In both cases, the company that owes the money is listed.

It was easy for me with such an uncommon name—Kerry The Fool Vandegrift– but the Jim Richards of the world may have more difficulty. There are some listings where people are owed hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

In case any of you may want to go into business locating people who are owed money or whatever, you could find out people’s phone numbers or addresses and call or send them their information for a fee.

It is being done by several large companies–some of which ask that if you go to your State’s website or call the State and finally receive your money, that you send them a token fee–like $15.00 in my case for the company that contacted me–or others which state that the only way to collect is to go through them and you have to pay $39.95 for the States application, which is crap.

It does not cost anything unless of course if your State has a processing fee. For you world travellers, you might want to check in all the States where you have lived–this stuff goes back to the 1960’s.

I did sort of go through the original Balta list–and found several folks who were owed money. I have e-mailed a few of you already on this. Some probably did not show up because the sites that I used did not have listings for the particular State. Some States might not have websites for this and must be contacted by phone or mail.

When I was looking for you guys, there was one name that generated quite a few names–Jean/Jeanne Newman–don’t know which one, if any, were you Mrs. Wells–and there was one that was owed over $1,800 dolllars.

I checked the name against the State–like when looking for Lost Baltans, and found this woman’s phone number. I called, and after a few “This is not a scam” statements, the woman checked it out and was most grateful. Felt good about it–but from now on I will be a Fiscal Mercenary!


PS–and Roger–if you ever lived in Kansas–you owe me!


As I said before, check with your respective States. But some of you may get instant gratification by going to these sites:


Neither is complete, however, and some links may be broken or old. Again, these sites may not have your State in the database, or it might just be incomplete–like I searched for Roger Lefever in Kansas, as I already had that name and State from my Lost Baltan thing.

No Roger was listed on one site, and the other had no link to Kansas.  The missingmoney site is just starting, and even if they might have your name, they might not have added all people with your name.


7 Responses to “Unclaimed property”

  1. Doug Says:

    Totally agree. I got a couple of bucks from PA’s unclaimed property site. This year, one of my step-daughter’s name came up….

  2. Mad Dog Says:

    Where do I go to find the can of buried money & stamps I printed for the Republic of Merklenburg? Where does one go to find a can of lost marbles?

  3. hog Says:

    What’s next, fer CHRIST’s SAKE! stock tips? Nigerian investment schemes? prayer cards? missing puppies?

    what the fuck did we do before the Fool Reborn?

    consider me one of the growing list of folks to request removal from yonder Fool’s list of people who gve a fuck about anything he has to say.

    exasperated in grove city

  4. hog Says:

    So did yunz hear the one about the young Greek boy who left home ’cause he didn’t like the way he was being reared?

    He eventually went to sea and served some time as a stern look-out on a Vasaline freighter.

    He quit a few years later, but he hated to leave his buddy’s behind.

    Insensitive in Grove City, PA

  5. Mad Dog Says:

    We ain’t a gonna change nuthin, cause nuthin we ain’t. Oh oh oh we are a race of extra-terrestrial piss ants and have nuthin to do with money, tennis, Donald Trump, or the god-damned earth. Earthlings are our dirt slave islanders. Like I said we are nuthin, we are piss ant queens.

  6. Mike Gleason Says:

    Did the Fool flunk out of TTC?

  7. FOOL Says:

    FUCK YOU HOG!!!! I will make sure that you get a hell of a lot more Foolish information. I will e-mail you. I will phone you. I will show up at your door in Godforsaken Grove City (remember how you used to tell people that you were from Slippery Rock because you thought that no one would know where Grove City was, you Fool, you!) in my blue seersucker suit!

    Who the hell is “Avertedd”???

    Maddog waxes Foolish, but his Unclaimed Property notice turned ou to be his Dad’s. Thank you, John


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