Request from Tom Snead

Okay everyone,

Does anyone remember Capt Lazurus (CO HQ CO) or Lt. Crosby (had a Vette) and where they may be or what happened to them?

Tom Snead


5 Responses to “Request from Tom Snead”

  1. Joe Canfield Says:

    I remember both of them but have no idea what happened to them

  2. Joe Canfield Says:

    Does anyone remember Dennis Boggs He worked in S1

  3. Mad Dog Says:

    Yes, Dennis Boggs played softball. He was at the BALTA Reunion in Luckenbach, TX in 1974. I’ve no idea where he is now.

  4. Mad Dog Says:

    No two come out with the exact same presuppositions. The little heads of the monster contain a different mix metaphors. The many-headed monster is Larbathuk. “A monster with many small heads is better than a monster with one large head.”

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