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2009 Reunion Update

June 29, 2009



It’s time for an update on the ’09 Ruidoso NM Reunion:


Bill & Dottie Dunn
Ed & Kathy Hoben
Heidi & Dan Cotler
Dee & Pat Carroll
Wally & Beth Knox
John Smoller
Mike Rodgers
Doug Gitt
Bill Shea
Carolyn & John
Kerry Vandegrift & Guest
Curt & Barb Simonson
Dan & Kristi Hayden
Sam Flippo & Janelle
Chandra Freyermuth & Frank Sholedice
Meg Freyermuth
Tom & Davelyn Forrest

In addition, John & Susan Hatton and Doug Cantrell will attend the reunion, but will not be staying at one of our houses.


  • On May 25th I sent out an e-mail notice to each of you, indicating how much you owe and the deadline for full payment. I am somewhat concerned because only 5 persons/couples have paid in full. Are you really coming, folks? Then let me know that you received my e-mail and that the check will be on its way soon. Or, let me know immediately if you are NOT coming, so that we can offer your space to others.
  • I figured payment as I did for the family reunions that I have helped organize: the total cost divided by the number attending, and structured payment according to how long each person is staying and whether the days stayed are “peak” days (Thursday through Sunday), or “non-peak.” (Peak days fee includes meals; non-peak includes only breakfast/snacks.)

I found out (too late!) from Dee that BALTA reunions were done differently: a standard fee for all attending, regardless of the days stayed. So, in case you were wondering how I figured your total, this is how it’s broken down:

Stay Per Person Cost

Peak day                                              $58

Non-peak day                                      $34

PEOPLE WHO MAY BE COMING (unconfirmed, i.e., no deposit):

Mike Gleason

Don Pier

Mike Newman

Hugh Kron

Art Fanning

Bob Hamlin


  • If you think you are coming to the reunion, but did not send me the required non-refundable $50 deposit, THINK AGAIN—We cannot guarantee you a bed if you did not send us a deposit! Hummingbird Cabins requires the number of persons staying in a house to be stated up-front, & they do not allow extras. The houses we have reserved are full at this point, so unless we have a cancellation, you would have to find your own accommodations (which would not be difficult in Ruidoso in October).
  • If you are planning to “drop in,” BEWARE—We may not be there because we scatter during the day. On the peak days, we should be at the reunion site in the evenings; however, there is the possibility that one of those nights we would be at a restaurant, so please maintain contact with us.
  • If you end up staying at a motel or elsewhere, you need to pay us ahead of time for meals/beer on the peak days, at the rate of $26 a day.


I know that you probably have questions about exactly where we will be in Ruidoso & directions for getting there. Unfortunately, it is the policy of Hummingbird Cabins not to release addresses/directions until payment has been made in full. However, I can tell you that the subdivision is called Black Forest, if you want to Google/Map it.

So, that’s it for now. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions—take care,

Carolyn Gressitt

Home phone:   575-523-8413

Cell phone:      575-496-7584

Address (for payments):

734 N. Reymond St.

Las Cruces, NM 88005


Funeral arrangements for Gary

June 25, 2009

(This was posted by Gary’s family on his blog, The Auction Rebel)

I am sorry to write that we lost a friend yesterday. Gary passed away about noon on Tuesday June 23rd following a massive heart attack with no previous warning.

We know that this site and computer auctions were a big part of his life and so wanted to let anyone out there know what had happened.

The Funeral is Sat. June 27th at Stennes Funeral Home in East Grand Forks, MN with visitation starting at noon and also Friday from 5:00 to 7:00pm. The Obituary will be in the Grand Forks Herald Thursday June 25th.

Thank you for any part you may have played in Gary’s life.

–Gary’s Family

Sad news about Gary Hendrickson

June 25, 2009

Hi Dee,
I’m Gary and Gayle Hendrickson’s daughter, Tracy.  After much searching for your Bad Aibling website that we had heard so much about, my brother Mike (who some may remember) and I finally found you. 
Just wanted to let you all know that Dad passed away yesterday (Tues, June 23rd) from an extremely unexpected massive heart attack. 
Over the last year or so we had heard quite a bit about the website.  I believe he missed the reunion, but was looking forward to the possibility of another one and getting the chance to catch up with old drinking buddies.  We have also heard a few tales of the shenanigans of those days.  He held very fond memories of the “lawn tennis association”.  Thank you all for the role you played in his life.
And a special note to Steve Trask–Your name goes on.  Not only was Mike named after you, but our cousin named his son Trask after Mike!
 Tracy Dorn
Mike (Trask) Hendrickson

Photo from Lonnie Gervais

June 9, 2009

Hello Dee,

I was talking to my cousin this weekend and he showed me a bunch of
pictures from when he was in Bad Aibling. He was in Fort Devons in
1954 and BA in 1955. He was drafted, even though he had a wife and
baby, and did 2 years as a morse code interceptor.

He told me they took their meals in an old hangar that I believe was
our ops building. I asked him if he remembered a gasthaus just off
post and he said sure, it was the “First Chance” if you were leaving
post and the “Last Chance” if you were returning.

Here is a picture of him on post in 1955, I don’t know what the C/R
stands for and didn’t ask him.

Lonny Gervais Geo Nelson BA

More about BA from Doug

June 2, 2009

News about BA

From the “ASA Interceptor” the newsletter of the ASA Alpiners Reunion Group (vets of all ASA sites and times):

Brooke Anderson (BA 1960 – 62) reported that at least part of the station is being converted into a hotel (as of March 09). He also reported that the Chiemsee Hotel (the old R&R site just off the Autobahn) is closed, supposedly to be re-opened as a health clinic.

BTW, for those who can’t stand another BALTA reunion and are looking for an alternative, the ASA Alpiners Reunion Group is having its annual reunion on October 8, 9 and 10 in St. Louis. Many of these folks seem to be ASA vets from the ’50’s and early 60’s, so they probably don’t reach the same level of debauchery…

Doug (Gitt)

What’s happenin’ in BA

June 2, 2009

I’m Bill Nippert (BA: Aug 70 – Feb 72): Not sure how many Baltans also are involved with the ASA Alpiners, but here’s a neat note from their May, 2009 Newsletter. I checked out the link & thought gee, why didn’t they do this when I lived there!

“Brooke Anderson (Bad Aibling 60-62) writes: Here’s an update on Bad Aibling Station: It is being turned into a park hotel, in which the old barracks are being converted to hotel rooms, with much more to come. I just returned from there and witnessed the activity leading to the opening of this venture. Check out for the latest. Time has dimmed the old memory, but I think the initial buildings already turned into rooms were the EM club facilities.

I was in Co. A, and that building is currently under reconstruction. Some of the buildings are being torn down, but most of the dependent buildings are still intact. The working facilities – ops and outbuildings – are still intact, some being used by the B&O people for offices. Ops is still there as is the last antenna field. While the hotel is listed as being open, what I saw two weeks ago was extremely preliminary in terms of construction. Stay tuned – it’s an optimistic project.”

ASA All the Way: “Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way” – Bill