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From the “ASA Interceptor” the newsletter of the ASA Alpiners Reunion Group (vets of all ASA sites and times):

Brooke Anderson (BA 1960 – 62) reported that at least part of the station is being converted into a hotel (as of March 09). He also reported that the Chiemsee Hotel (the old R&R site just off the Autobahn) is closed, supposedly to be re-opened as a health clinic.

BTW, for those who can’t stand another BALTA reunion and are looking for an alternative, the ASA Alpiners Reunion Group is having its annual reunion on October 8, 9 and 10 in St. Louis. Many of these folks seem to be ASA vets from the ’50’s and early 60’s, so they probably don’t reach the same level of debauchery…

Doug (Gitt)


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  1. Mad Dog Says:

    The ASA Alpiners Reunion sounds very appealing. As I young boy I knew an old man, who as a young boy knew an old man who as a young boy remembered the American Revolution. The old boy I knew plowed the field behind his house with a horse. As a young boy he remembered the Civil War. One day while walking behind him as he was plowing, I noticed that his plow severed a garter snake that oozed red blood onto the dark brown earth. Later, around 1952, he was pulling logs out of the woods with a team of horses. A bolt of lightning frightened the horses so that Old Man Wright fell under a log which did break his leg. My dad took him to the hospital. Well before the Bay of Pigs but after the Korean War, Old Man Wright sat in his parlor next to a small electric fan on a table and stayed cool during a summer heat wave. At that time he didn’t say much outside of a few grumbles. Outside his back porch was a large stone slab over which a home had burned during the Civil War. Stay cool.

  2. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    I pray every day and hoe onions. Are split peas an option? Seems like a good idea since they would take only half as much land and hoeing! Are they split horizontally or vertically, by the way – just wondering so I can buy the proper shaped parcel of land – very long and narrow for a vertically split pea or not so long and wide if they are horizontally split.

  3. hog Says:

    I think you mean “hosing” (not “hoeing”), you bloated wind-bag.

    Also, any classical porno fan will tell you, the “vertically split pea” was a frequent reference code word for the you-know-what!

    with love and deep respect, as always,

    Appalling in Grove City

  4. Richard C. Hermerding Says:

    Just got a call last night that made me aware of the website.
    I was a Russian Linguist, working the Romanian problem in Bad Aibling from 1967 – 1969. European Discharge and stayed for another few months, hitchhiking down through Spain, Morocco, Up to France, and back to BA to stay the last week with Larry Good, before flying home the last possible day my ticket was good.
    I took courses at the University of Maryland, German included, and went to Ohio University after the service.
    Major in German, minor in Russian and went to the University of Salzburg 1971-1972 for German in German plus 70 days of skiing-loved those European school schedules, stopped BA on the way, and actually worked at the Chiemsee Lake Hotel for the complete summer of 1972.
    Then back of OH for the next several years, for three degrees and then moved to Silicon Valley California right out of college.
    My profile in on
    All the best to the First Chance, Last Chance, Breakfast club, and all the others.
    Richard Hermerding

  5. Smokey Aumand Says:

    Hey ASA’ers, I stumbled onto your site and noticed Richard Hermerding
    said he was working at Chiemsee. I was there also in 72, actually til ’74.
    Stationed at good ‘ol “BA” for nearly three years. Had Joe Amato and
    Grahm Grande as the Head civilians at the time. Along with the actual
    workers ( Joe Deshaies, Phil Pease, Teavenor, Nolate, Diggs / & /
    ASA’ers; Boswell, Griffin, Booth, Walker, Bontorno, Carrol, etc.,! ).
    Are any of your group known to these guy’s or others from ?

  6. FOOL Says:


    First, a fellow whose parents named him Smokey could be a welcome guest to this site and to all debauched BAers. Send me you e-mail address and I will send you our list.


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