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I’m Bill Nippert (BA: Aug 70 – Feb 72): Not sure how many Baltans also are involved with the ASA Alpiners, but here’s a neat note from their May, 2009 Newsletter. I checked out the link & thought gee, why didn’t they do this when I lived there!

“Brooke Anderson (Bad Aibling 60-62) writes: Here’s an update on Bad Aibling Station: It is being turned into a park hotel, in which the old barracks are being converted to hotel rooms, with much more to come. I just returned from there and witnessed the activity leading to the opening of this venture. Check out http://www.bo-parkhotel.de for the latest. Time has dimmed the old memory, but I think the initial buildings already turned into rooms were the EM club facilities.

I was in Co. A, and that building is currently under reconstruction. Some of the buildings are being torn down, but most of the dependent buildings are still intact. The working facilities – ops and outbuildings – are still intact, some being used by the B&O people for offices. Ops is still there as is the last antenna field. While the hotel is listed as being open, what I saw two weeks ago was extremely preliminary in terms of construction. Stay tuned – it’s an optimistic project.”

ASA All the Way: “Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way” – Bill


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  1. FOOL Says:


    I have sent a number of e-mails to you from the http://www.asalives.com site.
    If you would like to be included in the crap that goes back and forth between fellow Baltans, many of whom you know, just let me know, and give me your contact information.

    I don’t know if you read recent posts, but there is a reunion this year in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico.


    Thanks–Kerry AKA The Fool

  2. Mad Dog Says:

    Thanks Bill. Sabine, who is in BA right now, June 2, 2009, has confirmed your report and has promised to send some current photos, verifications, and updates. – M.D.

  3. FOOL Says:

    Maddog might have said that Sabine called Kerry and told him about it, and he in turn told her about the blog post. She also said that she could not phone MD because her phone could not connect. It seens that John home phone was being jammed by aliens in Roswell–the phone in his bedroom was GLOWING—but when you think of it, it is not so strange.


  4. Mad Dog Says:

    This is so strange. Sabine forgot the necessary attachment and has promised to send the article by Pony Express from BA. When I get it, I’ll have it scanned. Meanwhile, the hotel website is worth a pondering look. Foxes ate some of Cranny’s teenage hens. Hannan needs help in general and in designing his split-pea fields. Does anyone remember when Mr. Clean stole away Jake Maple’s girl? I can’t stop laughing out loud when I recall how Jake got his revenge. You recall how he pilfered that plutonium dust from the lab and emptied the contents out underneath the outside steps into Mr. Clean’s office? The real cause of deaths of Mr. Clean and his office mates have been kept from public knowledge for many years now.

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