Photo from Lonnie Gervais

Hello Dee,

I was talking to my cousin this weekend and he showed me a bunch of
pictures from when he was in Bad Aibling. He was in Fort Devons in
1954 and BA in 1955. He was drafted, even though he had a wife and
baby, and did 2 years as a morse code interceptor.

He told me they took their meals in an old hangar that I believe was
our ops building. I asked him if he remembered a gasthaus just off
post and he said sure, it was the “First Chance” if you were leaving
post and the “Last Chance” if you were returning.

Here is a picture of him on post in 1955, I don’t know what the C/R
stands for and didn’t ask him.

Lonny Gervais Geo Nelson BA


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  1. Mad Dog Says:

    Lonny! What an interesting report and picture. Two evenings ago I got a surprise phone call from a guy who’d been at Bad Aibling in the early and mid 1950s. He found my name through reading on the web. His name is Phil Pfeiffer and he lives in Galisteo, NM, which is not very near to where I live. Galisteo is about 300 miles to our north. Perhaps your cousin knew him at BA. Phil also said that he studied Russian at Monterey in 1953.
    Incidentally, got another call from BA itself last night. There’s a rock concert or jazz concert on our former post right now. Also, a dam is being built on the Mangfall and the construction is disturbing a family of ducks. This is all true!! – MD

  2. Sman Says:

    Morse code? What would he need to know that for?

  3. Sman Says:

    The “CR” stands for “Communications Recon.”

  4. Mad Dog Says:

    The sign, the ASA, the Army, and the Military are all a total waste of the taxpayer’s taxes. We’d be much better of as Glorbonians without a military. Viva Glorbe!

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