Sad news about Gary Hendrickson

Hi Dee,
I’m Gary and Gayle Hendrickson’s daughter, Tracy.  After much searching for your Bad Aibling website that we had heard so much about, my brother Mike (who some may remember) and I finally found you. 
Just wanted to let you all know that Dad passed away yesterday (Tues, June 23rd) from an extremely unexpected massive heart attack. 
Over the last year or so we had heard quite a bit about the website.  I believe he missed the reunion, but was looking forward to the possibility of another one and getting the chance to catch up with old drinking buddies.  We have also heard a few tales of the shenanigans of those days.  He held very fond memories of the “lawn tennis association”.  Thank you all for the role you played in his life.
And a special note to Steve Trask–Your name goes on.  Not only was Mike named after you, but our cousin named his son Trask after Mike!
 Tracy Dorn
Mike (Trask) Hendrickson



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  1. dmills Says:

    Gary will also be greatly missed in the bookselling world. He hosted a wonderful blog called The Auction Rebel and generously shared his expertise about selling books online. He personally helped me greatly, and I already feel the loss, as I always counted on being able to email Gary a question. In fact, I was hoping that he could attend the 2009 reunion, so that I could have some good bookselling talks with him.

    RIP, Gary. Our sympathy to you and your family, Tracy.

  2. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    We send our greatest sympathy to you, Tracy and Mike, and to all of Gary’s Family. Gary was a friend in BA and we often shared a beer and car talk (often with Steve Trask) at the “Last Chance”. We were all so thrilled when Gary pulled out some old photos from BA and shared them with us on the BALTA BLOG- great photos from a friend from the past, of friends from the past. My photo was included and that of our friend Steve Trask just above mine in Gary’s FLICKR Photostream. I had forgotten that Gary and Gayle burdened you, Mike, with a middle name of Trask – Steve was a great friend and was my best man when my wife and I were married in England 5 years afte leaving BA. I had hoped that Gary would make one of the reunions since we hadn’t seen him in so long. I know he could have filled in some of the half truths we have been telling one another over these past 40 years.

    We are sorry for your loss and I’m sure your Dad will be the subject of some stories (half truths) when we meet this year in New Mexico. If you feel a little smile come over your lips in October, you’ll know it’s us telling lies about your Dad.

    Again – our deep sympathies.

    Mike Hannan

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