From Lonnie Gervais

Hello Dee,

I was talking to my cousin this weekend (5/27/09), and he showed me a bunch of pictures from when he was in Bad Aibling.

He was in Fort Devons in 1954 and BA in 1955.  He was drafted, even though he had a wife and baby, and did 2 years as a morse code interceptor.

He told me they took their meals in an old hangar that I believe was
our ops building. I asked him if he remembered a gasthaus just off
post and he said sure, it was the “First Chance” if you were leaving
post and the “Last Chance” if you were returning.

Here is a picture of him on post in 1955, (George Nelson). I don’t know what the C/R stands for and didn’t ask him. 

Anyway, you can put this on the Balta site if you want, hopefully I will get the picture attached to this message.  Lonny Gervais

Geo Nelson BA


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    Iam sorry to hear of the best army post in Germany BA is no longer there.Went back twice was unable to get in .ONly have memories from when I was there from 63 til 65 .had many good times VOLKSFESTS AND THE MANY TRAVELS I HAD..

  2. Larry Grolemund Says:

    TO Bob Morrissey Iwas there at the same times that you were…I was 059, was going to get a overseas out, but was in a bad car accident and was sent back to Walter Reed,,,,All my pictures of ba were lost in the car and i would be interested in any pctures of bad aibling at that time….Thanks :Larry

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